White Pillow Boxes

Get Your Custom Printed White Pillow Boxes for party favours, candy boxes, product packages, and wedding decoration. Our white pillow box wholesale is offered at reasonable rates in all UK.

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Custom White Pillow Boxes are a great way to present your product

Custom White Pillow Boxes: One-piece folding pillow boxes with elliptical end closures are perfect when you require a unique packaging design for small gifts. Great for gourmet food, soaps, jewellery, cosmetics and more. It can be stuffed with tissue for small products like jewellery and tied with ribbon for a wonderful presentation. Box sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.

Quirky in shape, having the look of pillows as their name suggests, Custom White Pillow Boxes are a great selection for packing small items. These are excellent for packing valuable and intricate items like jewellery or watches or key chains and the like. Wholesale White Pillow Packaging Boxes are not only fun to look at but they are a safe way of packing such small items because of their small size and easy portability; they are a popular selection for packing!


Our white pillow boxes are ideal for lightweight items like jewellery, scarfs, gloves, underwear, nightwear, cards, stationery, wedding favours and various more gifts. Available in 7 different colours and many sizes, whether you are looking for trendy, traditional or something that you are able to personalize yourself, their elegant yet simple design creates these boxes a perfect solution for gift wrapping.

Get your custom white pillow boxes at custom packaging boxes. Custom Packaging Boxes is here to give you a colourful packaging experience. Our range of products includes Custom pillow boxes, Wig Pillow Boxes, Shipping And Storage Boxes and also White Pillow Packaging Boxes in different sizes – Square, Round and Triangular. Suppapack is a professional packaging solution provider with years of experience in manufacturing, designing and supplying storage solutions. With our best services, we promise to meet your custom needs for the lowest prices on the market