Luxury Rigid Boxes

Rigid containers are available in a wide variety of styles and shapes. The choice of style and shape design is up to you and your brand recognition. We will discuss some important styles in Packaging Solutions. Luxury Rigid Boxes.

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Custom Luxury Boxes

Custom Packaging Boxes are made of Custom Rigid Boxes for your product packaging. We manufacture Customized Rigid Packaging Boxes using high-quality materials, a variety of box styles, and printing techniques to give your product a luxurious touch.

Rigid boxes can be customized in various ways according to the customer’s wishes. Customers have the option of customizing the shape, size, and even colour of the boxes. They can have them in relief if they wish and even put accessories such as ribbons or bows in the boxes. It all depends on the client’s needs and in case of any confusion our team of highly trained professionals is always available to assist you. We provide design services to our clients for free.

 Purpose of Custom Luxury Boxes

Custom Rigid Boxes are also known as mounting boxes. These boxes are four times thicker than cardboard ones, making them durable. Products generally associated with Rigid Boxes are fragile or considered luxurious. The purpose of the custom hard box is to provide additional product protection through the tough material used in the manufacture of these boxes.

Custom Packaging Boxes also offers advanced printing techniques that give your product a charismatic look. Also, optional finishes, ornaments, and decorations such as ribbons, magnets, threads, and gold and silver leaf are all ways to give your product a touch of luxury while protecting it from all kinds of damage. Rigid Packaging Boxes are used for Luxury Packaging because they provide durability and give a stylish appearance to the product and the brand. The boxes are mainly used as Gift Boxes and display stands to drive sales.

Differences between folding cardboard boxes and Custom Luxury Boxes

Although both products are used for packaging, there are still some differences between them which are described below:

  1. Custom rigid boxes and folding cartons are made of cardboard. However, the cardboard used in the manufacture of rigid boxes is four times thicker than cardboard.
  2. Folding cardboard boxes can be folded and can always be reassembled into a box, while custom rigid boxes are sturdy and therefore cannot be folded and reassembled as a box.
  3. Folding carton printing techniques are applied directly, while rigid boxes require other material to be glued to the box for printing.
  4. Folding boxes are inexpensive and therefore can be produced in bulk quickly compared to rigid boxes.
  5. The dies used in folding cartons are expensive compared to those used in custom rigid cartons.

Creating Custom Luxury Boxes on Custom Packaging Boxes

The manufacturing process of custom rigid boxes on Custom Packaging Boxes is classified into five phases. The five steps include the material, the style of the box, the printing technique, the finishes, and finally some additional decoration to develop a brand image of your product as luxurious.

 Materials offered in Custom Packaging Boxes for Custom Luxury Rigid Boxes

Choose a suitable material for your product. The material chosen for the custom rigid boxes must be resistant, functional, and elegant. Custom Packaging Boxes offers four types of materials that are used to make custom rigid boxes.

  • Gray Board – A grey board is a thick board that is used to create rigid boxes. This material is 100% recyclable and sustainable. The grey panel is made of bottom fibre.
  • White Chipboard Back: The white chipboard back is a two-tone material. The white side is used as the inside of the box and the grey side is used as the outside of the box. The white back of the grey panel is waterproof; it is the best material for printing.
  • Medium Density fiberboard: Medium Density fiberboard stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. Medium Density fiberboard is made by hard and softwood into wood fibres. Medium Density fiberboard panels allow the panel to be printed and cut into different box shapes.
  • High-Density Fiberboard: High-Density Fiberboard means high-density fiberboard. A High-Density Fiberboard panel is also called a hard panel. This material is made of particleboard and Medium Density fiberboards. High-Density Fiberboard is stronger because it is made of compressed wood fibres.