Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes

These Full Flap Auto Bottom Packaging Boxes are utilized to carry heavyweight items. The shape is similar to the auto lockbox but they are pre-glued. The bottom and the box itself can be folded down giving more space.


Custom Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes

Our full flap Auto Boxes are specifically designed keeping in mind the space constraints to make room for packing the products, giving them the properties of folding by opening the flaps. This way, you can keep the box with you by folding it and transforming it into a plane sheet. Our special solution such as full flap Auto Box & designing & printing is done in a completely natural manner so that any harm to the environment due to colours, printing and manufacturing are reduced to a minimum level ensuring the protection of the situation and assuring international laws. This thing helps us in making sure that we’re not only meeting our needs but also making the environment a better place for living.

CPB feels this is their responsibility to provide the customers and clients from different business domains, with the best and most reliable packaging solutions for their products. Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes and Design and Printing are the boxes that provide extra support and safety to the products. These boxes are designed in a manner that they can bear the weight of the heavy products so these are best suited for products like cosmetics, food items, and other pharmaceutical company products.

CPB provides the Full flap auto bottom boxes that give added security to the products and are best suited for heavyweight products like cosmetics, food items, and other pharmaceutical company products. These boxes are designed with extra support and safety in a manner they bear the weight of the heavy products. We can provide different sizes to fit your needs.

Pricing and Styling of Full Flap Auto Bottom

Packaging Boxes The prices and ranges of the Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes vary according to the needs and requirements of the business products. These boxes are economical and can be easily ordered at Custom Packaging Boxes as this is the best place for ordering online packaging, designing and printing products. The shape, design, and prints of the full flap auto bottom will be precisely according to the style desired by the customers for their products. The carousels of Custom Packaging Boxes are designed to fulfil all kinds of needs of their customers. The high-quality material used in these box compartments makes them sturdy and reliable enough. The full flap auto bottom is then printed with high-quality ink so that it can be seen properly. In addition to that, the package can hold a good amount of weight which enhances its reliability in carrying a variety of weights easily. With utmost precision and accuracy, the designs and prints of the full flap auto bottom boxes are designed so that their trust level can be increased and they could be given what they require from their custom design.

Keeping Natural Conditions in View

The new box is a completely automatic and innovative design which, by opening the flap, can be transformed in a few seconds to an entirely different product without any manual intervention. The new box is printed with water-based paints, pigments and inks that comply with international laws on the printing industry. The colours are applied using solvent-free technology which does not contain organic solvents; neither does it use chlorine or heavy metals and it meets all the requirements for European Union directives on the safety of toys. The complete non-conformity of solvent emissions into the environment during printing contributes to an overall improvement of environmental conditions.

A lot of times, we put so much emphasis on bigger is better. However, when it comes to shipping goods internationally, there can be times when it doesn’t make sense to send something that’s too large. Luckily, you can get great savings if you know the right size to order in advance. We’ve got great full flap auto bottom boxes at affordable prices so you don’t have to pay more than you need to for high-quality packaging. What are you waiting for? Click through to start saving!