Kraft Window Packaging Boxes

We’ll give you a variety of options for custom kraft window boxes and custom packaging boxes to help make your marketing campaign a success. With online instant pricing and our fast turnaround time, you can be sure that your products will look great in our kraft window packaging boxes.

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Our Kraft Window Packaging Boxes Are Available In These Latest Styles

Styles 1

(Rigid Kraft Window Boxes)

In the retail industry, rigid kraft window boxes are required for the protection and display of your product. These boxes are made from strong kraft paper board and have a window inside them which helps the consumer to see the contents inside the box. Rigid’ means that these boxes are very strong paper. The pieces of paper are glued together and folded, which are glued together to form a box. When the box is ready, there is no fear of falling and damaging it. Kraft paperboard is a lightweight and environmentally friendly strong material that is a great subject for packaging. These Rigid Kraft Window Boxes are made from unbleached wooden pulp, usually made to pack cosmetics, jewellery and electronic goods. These boxes also can have printing on them and designs can be customized.

A number of printing techniques like embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and UV coating can be used on top of the Rigid Kraft window boxes to suit your needs.=

Styles 2

(Kraft Window Tray And Sleeve Boxes)

If you belong to a retail industry, our craft window trays and sleep boxes will greatly benefit you to display and protect your products. These boxes consist of two parts, an inner one called the tray and an upper one called the sleeve, which fits over the tray and provides extra protection. Both the tray and the sleeve are made from strong and durable kraft paperboard, a popular option for packaging boxes.

It is a very lightweight and strong eco-friendly packaging solution for packaging boxes, it is made from untreated wood pulp and is especially great for products that require a natural and rustic look. We can customize the printing and finishing of these boxes and also offer various printing options for custom packaging boxes including embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and UV coating. These boxes are commonly used for packaging small electronics, food, cosmetics, and jewellery. The sleeve on top gives these products an extra layer of protection and can be easily removed for display.=

Styles 3

(Mailer Kraft Window Boxes)

If your products require packaging for mailing and shipping, our mailer kraft window boxes are available to meet your needs. These boxes are very strong and durable. They also have a plastic window that makes it easier to see inside and feel the quality of the product. They are also fitted with a plastic wrap which makes it easy to see inside and feel the quality of the product. The construction of these boxes is a testament to their durability which helps to keep the contents of the box in a fixed place during transportation. Kraf is a very popular material as it is lightweight as well as eco-friendly. These kraft boxes are specially manufactured from unbleached wood pulp to give them a natural look. The window placed on the top of these boxes is made of PET or PVC, it shows the presence of the product in the box and also adds to the beauty of these boxes.

We also provide various printing options for you with the help of which you can get your custom printing on these boxes including your brand logo design etc. These boxes can also be customized in different sizes so that you can make these boxes according to your product.=

Styles 4

(Printed Kraft Window Boxes)

Printed Kraft Window Boxes for the Retail Industry is a packaging that ensures the visibility and protection of your products. These boxes are strong and durable, manufactured from kraft paper board, creating a clear window into the box. It goes inside the box being printed helps to see the product inside the box. These printed Kraft Window Boxes can be printed with your branding logo, your product information or any other design to advertise your brand in the market as well.

We usually do this printing using different valency inks which do not smudge or smudge until we reach our target. Printed Kraft Window Boxes are very popular because they are eco-friendly, strong and durable. These boxes are very helpful in meeting the transportation and storage needs of your business and can also help you showcase your products. Beautiful printing is done on the top of these boxes to increase your brand awareness.=

Custom Printed Kraft Window Packaging Boxes

We manufacture boxes of various designs in the same range including die-cut windows,  bakery box, food boxes, kraft window boxes, die-cut window boxes, Kraft corrugated board boxes, Kraft gift boxes and so on etc. We have a distinct name in the world of packaging. Which helps in enhancing your brand image and also increases the value of your product. The high quality of our packaging adds to the beauty and appeal of your product and thus your product is introduced to the market faster.

By using our packaging, you can not only display your product but it is also a great way to protect them. These boxes are made from very strong and eco-friendly kraft paper. Apart from this, cardboard and bleach cards are also the best materials which we use to make your boxes. Apart from this, cardboard and bleach cards are also the best materials which we use to make your boxes. We can do various customizations in these boxes and add various accessories to enhance their beauty including ribbon ties etc.

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