Gift Window Boxes

We work with you to help customize your business or brand by creating a packaging box that not only fits your budget but is also the perfect fit for the gifts you wish to send out.


We Are Specialist In All Styles

Style 1

(Bleechcard Top Bottom Lid With Windows)

These boxes are made of special packaging material which is very strong and durable called Bleach Card. This packaging has two separate parts. When the product is packed inside it is closed with a lid which keeps your product safe inside.

A window is made in the top lid which makes it easy to see the contents inside. These Gift Window Boxes can be used to pack food items, cosmetics and many other items when you are producing something. So you have to be very careful about its packaging so that your product can be protected in this packaging and also looks beautiful, our bleach card top bottom lid with windows is perfect for boxes like this.

These Bleachcard Top Bottom Lid With Windows are designed in such a way that they are visually appealing and with the help of windows, they also provide a clear view of the products inside.

Style 2

(Sleeve And Tray Gift BoxesWith Windows)

Sleeve and tray gift boxes with windows have been used for Asian packaging of small consumer goods and food. These boxes consist of two parts, a tray and a base, which fit completely on top of each other. Typically, the tray is made of strong cardboard to protect the product inside, while the sleeve is usually made of paperboard.

And it is mounted on top of the tray in a slide fashion to wrap the product inside. These sleeves can also have windows that help customers view the product without removing the sleeve. Consumers are also influenced by the beauty of these boxes and decide to buy the product. These boxes are specially designed for food items so that it is easy for the customer to check the product before buying it. are used not only as packaging for the product but also to add to its beauty. Bakery items such as sandwiches, patties, and small cakes,  are packaged in boxes.

Style 3

(Mailer Gift Boxes With Windows)

Mailer gift boxes are great packaging for presentation. The windows in these boxes add to the beauty and charm of the boxes, making the recipient feel happy to receive the gift. It is a strong packaging that allows you to safely pack your gift and send it to the person you want. If you want to send a precious item to your loved one and are worried about its safety, then Mailer Gift Box With Window is very suitable for your gift packaging, if you want to provide any promotional items to your customers. They will be very helpful for your purpose. These boxes are a great way to turn your gift into a lasting impression. The window on top of it helps to display the product in it.

Style 4

(Rigid Kraft Gift Boxes With Windows)

“Rigid Kraft Gift Boxes with Windows” are used to package gift items and small consumer products. These boxes are made of a special strong and durable material called kraft paper which is a paper board that is known for its strength and durability. Rigid Kraft Gift Boxes with Windows stand out for their sturdiness, they protect the product inside and help you transport it to the desired place. The window in these boxes displays the product inside them. These boxes are specially designed to be beautiful because they are to be given as gifts or to pack products that require customer attraction.

Super Gift Window Boxes

Gift window boxes are very elegant and beautiful packaging that is a pleasant end to presenting gifts. The boxes have a transparent window that allows the recipient to see the items inside the gift. These boxes are specially designed keeping beauty and elegance in mind to pack small items like chocolates or other small gifts. If you are using this packaging to gift someone or you need packaging to pack food items, these gift boxes are perfect for both needs. They create a touch of charm and personalization that helps make them extra special for your business or perfect for gift-giving.

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