Seal End Packaging Boxes

We have the most comprehensive range of custom seal end packaging boxes that can be used for any application. We offer a diverse range of customized boxes, ranging from a small custom printed boxes up to large-scale designs for exterior sealing, interior sealing and food packaging

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Custom Seal End Packaging Boxes

The Seal End boxes have a flat bottom that folds in on itself, providing the seal. The box is shipped uncut so it will fold into its desired form in seconds, no tape or external adhesive is required. The die cut makes it easy to fold into the desired form without any added packaging cost. These boxes are extremely sturdy and ensure a secure seal. Due to its seamless design, it can be easily shipped flat in a container that can hold up to 50-80 lb. Also, our Gable Bag 1-2-3 Bottom Boxes are perfect for your next manufacturing process or turnaround in which you need to store products in cardboard boxes with strong seals that are fast and effortless to open and close.

Products To Be Sealed’ Will Remain Safe IN These Packaging

The seal end packaging box is an ideal solution for industries that require products to be sealed. This pack fits into most industry standard pallets and comes in different sizes and shapes depending on your needs. The seal end packaging box features two overlapping sticky flaps and panels on top or bottom that slide on top of each other to provide secure yet effortless opening/closing. Cutouts at the side allow easy access to the contents of the box when being shipped.

Proper Closure Of Product Assembly, Shipping And Storage

Sealed end packaging boxes are ideal for providing proper closure of product assembly, shipping and storage. Our  boxes make it easy to assemble products without tape or glue by overlapping flaps on top or bottom that automatically slide together for effortless opening and closing. These are perfect for food items like cereal and nuggets as well as cosmetics like lipsticks and eyeliners. The boxes are particularly useful for individual product producers who prefer to store their products in these durable boxes that fit right onto the pallets they are shipped on. They make it easy to open and close the flaps, which eliminates the risk of breakage or damage. They also provide protection against dirt and dust, helping to keep your product looking fresh at all times. We also provide Magnetic Closure Gift Box for a luxury style.

Your Requirement Of Packaging’ Is Our Preference

When it comes to packing your items, we believe in providing the best quality package solution by packaging boxes as per your requirements. We use very advanced techniques to address your packaging issues and make sure that the boxes are produced to your exact specifications in terms of size, material quality and style. Our team is well-informed with certified packaging engineers who utilize our innovative printing and manufacturing facility to produce your seal end boxes.