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If you have a relatively small budget but need to revamp your product packaging then custom backing card printing is a great way to go about doing this. They are a quick and cost-effective way to make your packaging stand out from the crowd.

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(Custom Backing Card Printing)

Custom backing card printing is a process of designing and printing personalized cards that are attached to products, such as jewellery, clothing, or electronics, for branding and marketing purposes. These cards typically contain the company’s logo, product information, or promotional messages that help customers identify and remember the brand. Custom backing cards can be printed in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit the product’s size and style, and can also include additional features such as barcodes or QR codes for tracking and inventory management. This printing process can be done in-house using specialized equipment or outsourced to a professional printing service provider. Custom backing card printing is an effective way for businesses to create a lasting impression on their customers and enhance their brand image.

CPB’s premium high-end paper card backers are perfect for all types of badge backing cards. Our stunning silver glitter card is a gorgeous way to decorate your enamel badges, especially if you’re planning on handing them out at an event. Find all the different types of standoffs, corners and templates that are available for all of your cutting needs.

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(Full-Colour Card Printing)

Full-color card printing is a method of creating cards that use a full range of colours to produce high-quality, vibrant, and detailed designs. This printing technique is commonly used for creating business cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, and other promotional materials. Full-color card printing uses advanced digital printing technology that can print millions of colours accurately and consistently. It allows for the creation of complex designs with gradients, textures, and photographic images. Full-color card printing is highly customizable, enabling businesses to incorporate their branding, logos, and other design elements that represent their company’s values and identity. It is a cost-effective solution that provides fast turnaround times and can be done in small or large quantities, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. Full-color card printing is an excellent way to make a lasting impression on customers and clients and is a great investment in any business’s marketing strategy.

Are you running a successful multi-store jewellery business or an online store packed full of quirky enamel badges of everyone’s favourite sci-fi movie characters? You’re almost certainly considering our high-quality, low-waste display and packaging solutions for your Full-Colour Card Printing. But why stop at just one beautiful keyring backing card if they can all just be a little more unique than the next?

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(One Colour Card Printing)

One color card printing is a printing process that uses only one ink colour to create simple and effective designs. This method is commonly used for printing business cards, appointment cards, and loyalty cards. One color printing is an affordable option, making it ideal for small businesses and startups with a limited marketing budget. It is also an effective way to create minimalist designs that focus on important information such as contact details, company names, and logos. One color card printing is quick and easy to produce, and it allows for consistent results and high-quality prints. It is a versatile printing method that can be used on various card stocks and can provide an elegant and professional look to any business card design.

CPB is your one-stop-shop for all things paper, Colour Card Printing and envelope printing. Our paper selection varies with each product to ensure that you get the perfect balance of quality and cost that matches your brand perfectly. With curated designs, these beautiful hand-crafted notes will help your customers identify with your brand and feel confident in their choices—so they’re more likely to return!

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(Wholesale Card Printing)

Wholesale card printing is a service provided by printing companies that specialize in printing large quantities of cards at a discounted price. This service is ideal for businesses that need to produce a high volume of cards such as gift cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, or business cards. Wholesale card printing provides businesses with a cost-effective solution to produce their cards in bulk, allowing them to save money on printing costs. This service typically offers various customization options such as paper stock, card size, and finishing options such as laminating or embossing. Wholesale card printing companies use advanced printing technology to ensure high-quality prints, and the turnaround time is often faster than smaller print runs.

If you choose this option your cards will be carefully printed with a variety of colours, designs and text. Matte finish cards are printed from an ultra-smooth surface onto matte. Gloss-finished cards are silkscreened to give a shiny bright look and the artwork is much more vibrant. If you are collecting 2-sided printing, please make sure to send both art files clearly labelled as front and back. It is important to include bleed on your artwork so as to not miss major details when your cards are cut.

Custom Backing Card Printing

Custom backing card printing is a great way to add some serious value to your enamel card designs. Our custom boxes & Painting Cards options allow you to showcase your brand or design theme all-around your cards, from the colour and finish of the card to the impressions it makes on customers. Add branding in any way you like with accessories such as perforated cards, card wraps, eyeholes and more. And if you’re going with us for manufacturing, we’re happy to package up your backing card printing with each pin you a commission.

Includes Free Design Service

Your business will be a hit at the next tradeshow or event when you hand out a custom-made pin that comes with its own backing card from us. Our custom backing cards are sure to stand out from the crowd with our full-colour printing and attention to detail. With enamelled pins from us, you can be sure of a quality product at an affordable price.

Please send your high-resolution art to or use our WhatsApp number, before placing your order. You will be asked for the name of your art file name when checking out.

To request a template to see how this works, please send us a message through WhatsApp or the contact form.

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