Rigid Paper Box

Rigid Paper Boxes containers are available in a wide variety of styles and shapes. The choice of style and shape design is up to you and your brand recognition. We will discuss some important styles in Packaging Solutions.

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Custom Rigid Paper Box

Custom Rigid Paper Boxes have a sturdier nature and they do not get mold or collapse as the folding cartons do. It is used for higher-end products where the value of perceived is important. They are also utilized when the product weight is heavy or in need of extra support.

  • It often does not require costly dies like the ones in folding carton manufacturing.
  • It has a higher perceived product value and has an expensive overall look of the box. It also has a high-quality product from the consumer.
  • It is stronger and more durable.
  • It doesn’t usually require setup for product fulfilment.

Custom Rigid Paper Packaging Boxes, as the name suggests, are rigid and sturdy. Think of the classic “Custom Shoe Boxes”. If you’ve ever purchased a nice pair of shoes or heels, they will have been packaged in Rigid Boxes. Games Boards is another great example of Custom Rigid Packaging Boxes.


Custom Rigid Paper Boxes are used mainly for holding heavier items. Not only they are stronger than regular paper boxes, Rigid Box can be customized to become your Luxury Packaging Boxes for your high valued branded products. Custom Packaging Boxes make sure that your custom boxes are made according to your exact specifications to come up to your expectations. As your packaging company, Custom Packaging Boxes is determined to make boxes exactly as per your requirements and specifications.


Custom rigid kraft drawer boxes with sliding opening with a cut notch handle.

Some people don’t like extra ribbon or rope attached to hard sleeve boxes, they want a finger notch in the cardboard drawer so it can be easily removed, this is also a good opening option. However, in this case, there is a notch hole in the drawer so that the box cannot be completely sealed, also because the Rigid Gift Boxes are made with a piece of grey cardboard and lined with  paper printed outside grey. Advice. If you want to cut a notch on the edge of the box, the inner slate will be exposed in the edge cut, you might not like this look, but it can’t be avoided. If you don’t think that’s a problem for you, this type of Custom Rigid Drawer Boxes puller is also a good option.

There are many different styles of rigid cardboard box packaging, some customers don’t know what to call it, this kind of rigid gift box with a sliding drawer with a hardcover, is very similar to the drawer box, but it is made of rigid cardboard, they can be called sliding Rigid Boxes, Rigid Drawer Boxes and sliding drawer gift boxes. Here we present the custom options for these many types of Kraft Rigid Drawer Boxes, which are the rigid cardboard paper is lamination on our customer demands with brown or black kraft paper, also it will be available like white kraft paper, custom printing and finishing, as gift box packaging rigid elegant and environmentally friendly.