Window Die Cut Insert Boxes

Experience the best in design, quality and workmanship with our window die-cut boxes. We are offering these boxes customized in any size and shape to fulfil your needs.

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Our Window Die Cut Insert Boxes Are Available In These Latest Styles

Styles 1

(Apparel Tray And Sleeve Window Die Cut Insert Boxes)

These Apparel Tray And Sleeve Window Die Cut Insert Boxes are a unique packaging solution for packing clothing and apparel products. These boxes are specially designed to protect and promote your product. These Window Die Cut Insert Boxes have three features.

Tray, Sleeve and Window Die Cut.

  • Trays have a rigid base which is very strong so that it holds the product inside i.e. garment or fabric very nicely.
  • The sleeve is placed over the tray which protects the product inside and also adds beauty. This sleeve provides space for printing your brand labelling, logo or extra design.
  • A third feature of these boxes is the window die-cut insert. These boxes have a window that is usually made of transparent plastic or film. This window displays the garments inside the box and helps them stand out.

It is perfect for our fashion retailers and luxury brands. This style is a popular choice for product visibility and safety.

Styles 2

(Reverse Tuck Tray Window Die Cut Boxes)

Retailing industries require this type of packaging box. Reverse Tuck Tray Window Die Cut Boxes consist of two parts, a tray and a lid. The tray is the bottom part of the box and the lid is the top part. The reverse tuck option helps these boxes to close, they lock when the box is closed. These boxes are also fitted with a window on the top to allow a clear view of the product inside, making it a great option for your product display.

Many retailer products including cosmetics, food items, electronics, etc. can be packed. Besides, these boxes are very easy to assemble. By using them, you can do branding and messaging of your product very easily. You can also get your custom design printed on these boxes to make your product stand out among the other products on the shelf.


(Luxury Die Cut Inserts For Accessories)

Our inboxes are designed to pack small items such as jewellery, watches, or any other gift item. These boxes are made with distinct quality standards such as high-quality materials like velvet, suede, or other soft touches that add a luxury effect to the packaging.

The inserts in the die-cut box are shaped and sized according to the needs of the accessory and are designed to hold your product in a secure and snug fit. These inserts are designed to protect the product during transportation and storage and also add to the beauty of the packaging. The design of these box inserts can be customized in small, large or different designs, logo patterns and textures can be printed on them that give information about your brand.

All these things help in making the overall look of the boxes more beautiful. These boxes are very important for a high-end brand that chooses the best packaging for its customers. This is done so that your products can be made prominent, protective and functional.

Styles 4

(Window Die Cut Insert For Apparel)

Our Window-cut inserts for Apparel are used for clothing packaging and have a window on the front which beautifully displays the contents inside and our customers can see the product inside without opening the packaging. Their top window is made of transparent PVC or PET which provides a strong and scratch-resistant surface. These boxes are beautifully designed to protect your products during shipping.

This packaging is very good for increasing the demand of your brand. You can change the design and colour of these boxes according to your choice and printing can also be done on these boxes such as your logo pattern or design etc. which help to strengthen your brand identity. We have extensive experience in apparel packaging. Window Die Cut Insert For Apparel not only keeps your products safe but also makes them easy to ship. It is a very stylish and functional packaging. that helps to create a memorable experience for the user.

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