Window Soap Boxes

Window soap boxes are perfect for showcasing your topsoil and handmade soap collection. Not only will these soap boxes get your brand recognised, but they also give your customers an opportunity to interact with the products before purchasing them. This can be done by displaying stylish window designs, proven design that customers use every day for their personal wellbeing.

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Style 1

(Window Soap Boxes Made With Corrugation)

Window soap boxes made with corrugation are made with corrugation, a special type of cardboard, also known as corrugated cardboard, which is specially designed for packaging soaps and is manufactured in different layers. An outer layer is sandwiched between an inner layer and a corrugated layer. These boxes can also be manufactured with a window on the top side that allows the user to see what is inside the box.

The advantages of using corrugated cardboard include its strength and durability which helps to keep the product safe during shipping and storage. The corrugated cardboard is eco-friendly and recyclable making it a great persuasive and active packaging solution that enhances the beauty of the product along with safety.=

Style 2

(Bleach Card Window Soap Boxes)

Bleach Card Window Soap Boxes are a type of soap made with bleach card. Bleach card is a type of paperboard that is more beneficial against moisture, grease and chemicals and the product is more secure in this packaging. The windows on the top of these boxes make it easy to see the contents inside the packaging, which can increase the consumer’s interest in the product. The window on the top of these soap boxes can also be made of transparent plastic or any other transparent material. Bleach card window soap boxes are designed for soaps of different sizes and shapes. It is a sturdy style and durable packaging that provides a visually appealing product to the consumer. This is amazing packaging. In this packaging, one can easily check the quality of all your products. The window design can be customized and the boxes also have options of logos and sizes as per your choice.=

Style 3

(Kraft Mailer Soap Boxes With Window)

Kraft Mailer Soap Boxes With Window is made from kraft paper board which is a strong and beautiful packaging to serve shipping and storage purposes. The front of this box has a window cut out which allows everyone to see the product inside the box and also enhances the beauty of your product. These boxes are made from kraft paper board. Hence, it is an eco-friendly packaging. The kraft paper is manufactured from recycled material which makes these boxes sustainable packaging. The kraft paper board is also light weight which reduces the shipping costs. These boxes are designed with a window so that they are easy to close and pack. The bar of soap stays safe inside the box when it is moved from one place to another.

An additional feature such as self-adhesive tape can be added on top of the boxes to seal the packaging which is a sign of strong packaging.=

Style 4

(Tray And Sleeve Soap Bag With Window)

This is a tray and sleeve soap packaging which is a unique packaging in its place. This packaging provides strength and beauty to the product with a window cutout. The tray inside this packaging keeps the soaps firmly in place so there is no risk of damage in shipping. The use of a Tray And Sleeve Soap Bag With a Window will be very effective in increasing the attraction of your product. The sleeves on the top of the box are usually made of cardboard or paper and are lightweight, which also reduces the shipping costs.  We are looking for manufacturers who want strong packaging for shipping and storage of their soaps. These boxes look great and can also be used as gifts. Also, the window on top of them creates more attractiveness for the user. Due to the above-mentioned qualities, these boxes provide a special value to the product in the market.=

Custom Window Soap Boxes For Packaging

Custom Packaging Boxes is here for you to meet your company’s packaging needs. We create printed window soap boxes for you which also have a window to make the packaging look very useful and attractive. It also fulfils the advertising purposes of the soap packaging. The material used for Window Soap Boxes is recycled level, due to which the impact of this packaging on the environment is also very little.

In preparing these boxes we take your instructions into consideration. If you want to promote your product, use our packaging.

WhatsApp is the right place to contact us. We send photos of your desired design and customize it according to what you want.

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