Packaging Boxes with Window

In the present day, boxes are the most used sample items. Every box is added to your business owing to its ease of use and handling. With a perfect job, they must be rendered with care so that they may get delivered to their destination safely. We’ll help you with printing window boxes according to your requirements as well as designs.


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Style 1

(Food Packaging Boxes With Windows)

Food packaging boxes are made of good quality food-grade materials including cardboard and paperboard which are very helpful in storing and keeping safe food items. The plastic window on the top of the boxes is made of PET or PVC material and is also the best material for food items. These Food packaging boxes with windows are generally used for displaying and shipping food items.

As bakery items including sandwiches, salads, cakes, pastries, patties, etc., are packaged in these boxes so that the customer can carry them to and fro, the windows on these boxes help to view the food from above as the food items are loaded. Because food products are susceptible to spoilage from repeated touching, a window on the box is more helpful in keeping food safe because the window allows the customer to see the product without having to open it. These boxes come in different shapes and sizes.

A producer manages what kind of boxes he needs. These boxes can be printed using different printing techniques and can have your company logo and design printed on them. In addition, information about the food items that are packed in them can also be written on the labels.

Style 2

(Kraft Boxes With Windows)

Kraft window boxes are used to store many products such as snacks, sandwiches, and various food items and also for many non-food items, such as small gifts, packaging of small toys etc.

Kraft Gift Window Boxes are very suitable for various cosmetics which you want to pack. These boxes are made from kraft material which is very durable material and it is also eco-friendly as it is made from wood pulp. We also attach a window to the top or side of these Packaging Boxes with Window’ which allows you to easily see what’s inside the box. These windows are made of PET or PVC. It does not have any bad effect on the food item so you can store specially bakery items in these boxes. These boxes are helpful in protecting bakery items from dust and various contaminations.

These boxes are very helpful in introducing your brand to the market. Various printing methods can be used on these Kraft Boxes With Windows. your logo and information about your product can be printed on these boxes. These boxes will be very helpful in attracting customers towards your product.

Style 3

(Diecut Kraft Boxes With Window)

Window die-cut boxes are very beautiful and eco-friendly packaging that is very helpful for your business in packaging and displaying your products. Because through these windows, your customer can see your product from outside without opening the packaging.

Window Die Cut Boxes save your product from being dropped again and again. Food and baker items are especially safe in these boxes as they can spoil from repeated touches and contain germs. Made of kraft paper, these boxes are eco-friendly and perfect for businesses that don’t want to have a negative impact on the environment. These Diecut Kraft Boxes With Window are very suitable for packaging many food items, cosmetics and small gifts. It is a durable packaging and protects the product inside from spoilage. The die-cut design used in the manufacture of these boxes is unique, which cuts the pattern and shape of the box in such a way that the boxes can display your product beautifully and also protect the boxes. The information you specify and your logo can also be printed on it through various printing techniques.

Style 4

(Bleach Card Boxes With Window)

These bleach card window boxes are very common to give modern quality packaging to bakery products. Various items like snacks, sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, etc. are packed in these boxes due to which the products add effort and appeal.

These Bleach card boxes with windows are very common to give modern quality packaging to bakery products. Various items like snacks, sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, etc. are packed in these boxes due to which the products add effort and attractiveness. We manufacture these boxes in various shapes and sizes that can also have your company name and design printed on them. We use various new printing techniques including offset printing, digital printing, and flexographic printing. Branding and logos are included which can enhance your business image. We produce these boxes for visually appealing and professional packaging of your product.

The material used in these boxes is Bleach Card, a material that is made from paperboard and is known for its smoothness and glossiness, so printing and branding on these boxes can be done beautifully. The window in these packaging boxes with window’ is very helpful for the customers as they select the product by looking at the outside of the box and it does not present any problem to them in purchasing the product.

Packaging Boxes with Window

Keeping your packaging needs in mind, we manufacture packaging boxes with various designs and dimensions, with a window on the top to beautify your packaging as well as help increase the demand for your product. Apart from this, our experienced designers also provide useful advice in the preparation of your packaging. There will be a lot of need. We take care in the preparation of these depots to take care of the storage and security of your items.

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