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Style 1

Die-cut Box With An Overlap Lid

Die-cut Box With an Overlap Lid is a box with a protective lid. The purpose of this box is to ship the products of a company from one place to another. The shape of the box is die cut which is the specific shape of the box using a machine for safety purposes. The overlapping lid makes sure that the product will safely arrive at the destination.

The content inside will be more protected by this overlapping laid and tight seal. So, it’s an ideal packaging, especially for burgers, fries,  small cakes and even pastries etc.

 this packaging is best for those products items which require extra protection during transportation, You can say that Die cut Box with an overlapped lid is an efficient packaging solution for the food business because these businesses need effective packaging for the supply of the items to their customers.

Style 2

Simple Diecut Boxes

Simple die-cut boxes are prepared using the die-cutting process on machines which makes the cutting of the boxes perfect and best. The material which we use for preparing these boxes is cardboard and corrugated material. These boxes are used for shipping and storage purposes. Due to using lightweight materials, these are cost-effective.

Our simple diecut boxes are very useful for many purposes. We can add corrugation for more protection according to your wish.

Food packaging always requires eco-friendly material which keeps the food inside, far from all harm. Therefore we can help your business to reduce the environmental impact. We produce environmentally friendly materials which will help you increase the demand for your products, especially for those customers who are environmentally conscious.

Style 3

Custom Design Food Packaging

Custom design food packaging is specially tailored for the food products and their unique packaging creates a beautiful impact on the customers. Our goal is to make the packaging attractive functional and memorable so it increases the value of the product by appealing to more customers towards products.  These are lightweight cardboard boxes with biodegradable material.=

While creating food packaging food safety is a critical consideration. The design of the food packaging must be as, which not only protects the items inside but also keeps them safe for a long time. As well as the packaging should be cost-effective. so for achieving these purposes, we use cardboard material and corrugation (according to the requirement of the customer) to keep the products safe for a long time and also make their transportation easy.

Style 4

Custom Cardboard Boxes With Window

Custom cardboard boxes with windows are the best product packaging solution for those businesses who want not only to showcase their products but also provide them protection during shipping. The high-quality cardboard is used for the preparation of these boxes and the transparent window is also attached to the lid which has to showcase the product to the customers so that they can see the product inside without opening the packaging.

We use high-quality cardboard for preparing these boxes. These boxes can be used for a lot of packaging purposes with different shapes and sizes. We also provide customisation options for logos, graphics and text to make these packaging memorable to the customers.

These boxes are made from biodegradable cardboard. Our priority is eco-friendly material, especially for food packaging which makes your packaging more attractive and safe for the inside products the bio-degradable material will help to keep the environment safe.

Custom Food Packaging Boxes

Food packaging is an essential part of a food business. By using our food packaging boxes you will have a professional advertisement which is perfectly custom-made. We have been the most popular custom packaging boxes company in the UK for the last 15 years. If you sell your products by using our custom packaging boxes, you will definitely attract customers and make them feel special. Here, we offer a range of colours and a lot of designs for making your product a big brand. Our team is always here to help you and we provide you with your required packaging within 5 to 7 working days.

We Offer Free Design Support

Custom Packaging Boxes is the best fast food packaging box provider and manufacturer. Our customers come to us with their demand that challenges us to keep our record superior for producing food packaging boxes. Our high-quality Food-grade cardboard helps us to keep our record sparkling. We create custom boxes with numbers. We help you to make your product, “a brand name” in the world. Our boxes can be designed to store the food and also for the takeout. We print your logo if you have or we can also make a new unique logo for you if you require that.

For the best satisfaction with the making of your desired boxes, you can contact us on WhatsApp. Here we facilitate you by sending pictures of your selected design with customizations.

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