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Custom cone sleeve packaging

No one on can simply deny the love of an ice cream cone sleeve. This creamy delight is available in a wide variety of flavors and combinations. When it comes to enjoying ice cream, the cone sleeve it is wrapped in matters a lot to make it a beautiful. With the right range of flavors prepared, the colorful cone sleeves and sleeves are made by us to appeal to the target audience.

Beautiful cone sleeve packaging

The tapered sleeves manufactured by Custom Packaging Boxes are unique in terms of design and style. The shape and size of the Custom cone sleeve according to the product and customer specifications. Plus, you can even use custom printed product boxes for the packaging of these sleeves. In addition to this, the name of the company, its logo and other essential information such as the ingredients are mentioned. Clipart and animations are used on the cover paper to make it more attractive and attractive.

Perfect finish cone sleeve

The material used to make the cover is paper that has good strength and durability. Also, this paper can easily withstand applied pressure and force. This paper has the quality of enclosing the freshness of the products of personalized food and beverage cans by avoiding all the humidity in the air. A glossy or matte finish is also provided on the paper to give a perfect rendering. All of these features add to the beauty and value of the Custom Printed ice cream cone sleeve and increase its sales rate.

Offset printing:

We have a collection of amazing colors, our customers can select the colors themselves as well. For example, Custom Packaging Boxes features many colors, including shades. For the color nuances and selection process, we have two amazing wholesale ice cream cone sleeves packages, categorized into two different color palettes. One is CMYK (which creates amazing multi-coloring effects). And our second key is PMS. We offer PMS because there are many new techniques and ways to select the color and hue of your products. Not only on ice cream Cone Sleeves, but also for our other products such as custom boxes. Car Custom Packaging Boxes has five long years of experience.
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In conclusion, our experienced team always ensures the quality of the product and its delivery in a timely manner given by customers. So order in Custom Packing Boxes to take advantage of the perfect Custom Tapered Sleeves at great prices.