Box with window for food

Buy the box with a window for food restaurant supplies from Custom Packaging Boxes and rest assured knowing that your purchase is not contributing to the plastic pollution crisis.

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Latest Styles Of Our Box with window for food

Styles 1

(Innovative Window Food Boxes)

These Innovative Window Food Boxes are very popular in the food industry. The design of these boxes is different from other designs and it is unique packaging that makes it different from normal packaging. The window on the outside of the box makes it easy to see the items inside and then the customer can easily decide whether he wants to buy them or not. When this window is made, it creates a special flexibility in the packaging that makes it different from other conventional boxes. The windows of these boxes can be made in different designs and shapes, besides the box shapes and designs can also be changed, they help a lot in promoting your brand if you have your logo on them. If your logo and brand name are printed on them, it keeps the products in mind for a long time and makes them want to buy the product again and again, which also increases the profit of the box. And also promote your brand.

Styles 2

(Triangle Bleach Card Window Food Boxes)

These are triangle bleach card boxes which are specially made for the packaging of sandwiches. The window on the top of these boxes shows the sandwich and its filling inside. It is made of bleach card which is a strong and durable material that is manufactured carefully and then these boxes are considered as superior quality packaging. Triangle Bleach Card Window Food Boxes are made with keeping a food-grade material in mind. The triangle shape is designed to keep the sandwiches in place and the filling in them during travel.

Styles 3

(Inner Laminated Kraft Window Food Boxes)

These Inner Laminated Kraft Window Food Boxes are an eco-friendly and robust packaging solution, they are designed for environmentally conscious businesses and are laminated within days to help protect the bakery from moisture and grease. Items like sandwiches, pizza, Cakes etc. are very safe in these tips. Different sizes of windows on top of eggs are made by different people and designs. Inner Laminated Kraft Window Food Boxes are made according to your requirements. We value your feedback regarding printing and customizations.

Styles 4

( Mailer Card Window Food Boxes)

These Mailer Card Window Food Boxes are a very convenient solution for take-out services and food delivery. In their preparation, it is kept in mind that the food items inside them can be preserved in terms of their nutrition and quality. The window design inside these boxes makes it easy to see inside the box and view the item while ordering online. Mailer Card Window Food Boxes also save space and help to ship the product more efficiently to the desired location. These boxes can be printed with your company’s logos and designs and can also be customized to make your product memorable for your customers. These boxes can be easily assembled. It is an environmentally friendly packaging and can also be easily disposed of.

Eco-Friendly Box With Window For Food

Eco-friendly packaging is a must for eco-friendly business who is looking for safe packaging for their food packaging. Our Box With Window For Food are made from kraft material which is eco-friendly and can be easily recycled so it has no impact on the environment. Now they also attach windows on top of these boxes, due to which the items inside the boxes can be seen without opening them.

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