Magnetic Box With Ribbon

These Magnetic Box With Ribbon can be embellished with ribbons, bows, or tissue paper and can help you create a high-end presentation for your items.

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Custom Magnetic Box With Ribbon

Shop our collection of Magnetic Box With Ribbon and change the way you present your precious items, from bracelets, rings to pendants and necklaces. These paper boxes are perfect for packaging and selling jewellery! The closure system is easy to use and the shiny ribbon has an elegant touch.

special Magnetic Rigid Boxes are great packaging for retailers and packaging boxes that don’t want to sacrifice shapes for cost and inner space. These unbreakable magnetic boxes with ribbon assembled with few times and the boxes have the look great and feel of high-end ribbon rigid Packaging boxes. Our folding hinged lid gift boxes have magnets hidden in the lid so they close and stay securely closed. These gift boxes can also be easily folded and can be reused multiple times due to their high quality and sturdy construction.

Rigid Magnetic Ribbon Lid Gift Boxes

These boxes are designed, it makes the perfect Rigid Box set for retailers who want partitional packaging. These magnetic gift boxes are easy to store, easy to assemble, and reusable. One of the best features of these boxes is that they can be taken apart and reused multiple times due to their durability. There is no loss in the quality of your gift box when you reassemble it several times. Assembling this magnetic box with ribbon only takes seconds and the magnetic lids close securely. Just pull a ribbon inside the box to easily disassemble the box.

Magnetic Rigid Boxes are designed in different sizes and shapes, finishing great, or natural kraft paper for a more natural look. We do many sizes for many different uses and packaging boxes designed for customers’ products and beverage packaging. The ribbon magnetic rigid boxes make packaging your product easier than ever. The product is for gift boxes that are available in black, white, or plan in many sizes. If you want a luxury box for your items or gifts, look no further than our magnetic gift boxes.

We are also offering a new magnetic box with ribbon with food-grade cans and optional pewter inserts. These ready-to-use gift boxes require no assembly and are not foldable. Optional food-grade tin cans fit perfectly inside to display your products with transparent airtight lids. Pewter box inserts hold your cans in place. If you are packing candy, salt, herbs or spices, or a sample set of your products, this combination of boxes and cans is a great solution.

Plain Ribbon Magnetic boxes or printed with your logo

Custom Packaging Boxes is one of the UK’s largest distributors of magnetic gift boxes. With 12 stock colours, in a variety of different sizes to choose from. Single boxes are available to order from a single box in overnight delivery. A printed magnetic box with ribbon is available from a single box, depending on your design. Magnetic Boxes are luxury rigid tape boxes supplied flat with 4 internal self-adhesive tabs and a magnet on the inside of the lid that closes once the box is assembled. This box style is suitable for presentations, baskets, gift boxes, or keepsake boxes.