Magnetic Flap Boxes

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Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes

Wholesale Magnetic Closure Packaging Boxes are made here for your perfect business products. Select versatile magnetic packaging that catches the eye of customers and suits your products. Take premium retail packaging solutions to the gold standard through our magnetic closure boxes.

We attach durable magnetic closures to cardboard boxes with;

Intricate exteriors that come in all attractive sizes and shapes that look like ornaments on their own. We compose them from luxurious materials such as; leather, high-quality paper, wood, etc.

The interior is foam or cushion padded and covered with rich fabrics inside the boxes. Accessories, inserts, dividers, and filters keep items safe inside boxes.

The distinguishing feature of a lidded magnetic closure box is its integrated latches at the base and top for successful self-closing. When the box open flap required pulling in the opposite direction, this box is called a Rigid Magnetic Flap Boxes.

In another variation, we flip the lid of the elongated box to open it. It integrated zippers on these flaps and on the base, which caused the box to close on its own. These boxes are called magnetic flap boxes or flap boxes with magnetic closure.

Higher stock selection is the primary rule in magnetic closure box packaging. We base the selection on durability and it is vital for;

  • Stock and storage of products
  • Security during and after the sale
  • Safe delivery
  • Healthy transportation and shipping, etc.

Our custom magnetic closure box packaging is the lifeblood of your brand

Take a break and connect with the experts that make up the impressive range of magnetic safes in the UK We breathe new life into your products and your company’s reputation in the packaging industry by presenting your products to great. Whether you enjoy the position of a storied brand eager to relaunch or are a newcomer striving to build a unique identity in the retail industry,


We cater to all categories of wholesale magnetic closure box orders and tailor them according to the requirements and needs of our customers within the limits of their financial resources. Our independent design centre and the professionals who work there continue to produce new ideas for;

  • Improve the reputation of the brand/products in the industry.
  • Attract customers’ attention and force them to buy
  • Make the target audience remember the brand identity of a respective product.
  • Brand memory shot by these boxes
  • Magnetic packaging is designed for items of all sizes, weights, and shapes.
  • Magnetic Lid Boxes are the lighting of the retail world

We have managed to build a prestigious brand identity for various brands and products through personalized boxes with magnetic lids. We know that our clients’ top-of-the-line products are the result of money, effort, and time invested. But they can only turn into big financial benefits when customers agree with that impression. These premium packing boxes add to valuable items by giving them a crisp look.

All genuine magnetic closure boxes manufacturers realize that ordering these boxes is an investment for their customers because they are not a profitable packaging tool. They cater to customers willing to pay a premium for crisp packaging details and attractive furnishings.

Aside from the tedious design, premium printing, and exclusive finishes, sometimes it also took some work to finalize a custom magnetic closure box with a lid.

Inexpensive magnetic closure boxes with rich details

Magnetic safes in the United States will always continue to be in demand. The companies always asking for custom printed magnetic closure boxes with Custom details and layouts.

Some brands prefer the window patch. Includes a window cut into custom shapes, which is covered with a clear plastic film. In this way, customers can look at products before purchasing, thus minimizing the risk of purchasing defective items. We can tailor the cutout window shape according to your product themes/elements for a stunning look.

Sometimes our clients in the sector have special needs. They often add slip tapes to their printed boxes with magnetic lids to make opening easier for their customers. Most of the time, jewellers use mini cushions for delicate items. Therefore, we also use them in watch boxes.

Thus, we have designed the inserts that we supply precisely on the basis of the product. We also offer recyclable cardboard inserts upon customer request, which help reduce the carbon footprint.

Give your product packaging a stylish exterior with a sturdy interior!

Use the versatile line of custom magnetic closure boxes in the United States to promote your products and build brand loyalty. Give your customers the opportunity to display this packaging as a status symbol while influencing others online and offline.