Window Tie Packaging Boxes

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Style 1

(Luxury Sleeve And Tray Window Tie Boxes)

Luxury Sleeve and Tray Window Tie Boxes is an advanced packaging specially designed for ties. These boxes are perfect for gifting ties as they are made of high-quality materials and have unique designs. The style of the tray and sleeve gives it elegance.

These packaging boxes have the ability to attract the consumer, it is a unique packaging to enhance the beauty of your product. It is very important to have luxury packaging to pack the tie which is very helpful in attracting buyers and increasing the sale of your products. Custom Packaging Boxes keep your needs in mind while making these boxes for you. Since these tie boxes come in sleeves and trays, they can be used not only for ties but also for various items.

Style 2

(Printed Bleach Card Window Tie Boxes)

These Printed Bleach Card Window Tie Boxes are made from bleached cards and are especially good packaging for ties. High-quality bleach and material are used in the packaging of these boxes with a smooth surface which is very helpful for the production and printing of these boxes. These boxes look very attractive when finished. The window cuts in these boxes can clearly display the product inside, making it a great packaging option.

By printing on these boxes, you can get your own logo design printed, and your brand’s promotion and advertising messages can also be printed on them, which you can create a distinct identity in the market. These boxes are very cost effective Which will help reduce your shipping costs. So these boxes are a great choice for your brand promotion.

Style 3

(Top Bottom Lid Luxury Window Tie Boxes)

If you are running a business for ties and are worried about packaging, our Top Bottom Lid Luxury Window Tie Boxes are the best for your worries. These boxes we specially designed for holding ties and displaying them in front of the customers. The top-bottom lid design of these boxes provides sturdy packaging and helps to reach the product inside the box without opening. The window box in these boxes allows one to see comfortably the product inside.

As the name of these boxes clearly indicates that it is luxury packaging, high-quality materials are used in them, besides high-quality printing and foil stamping, embossing, debossing and embellishments can be printed on these boxes. These boxes are perfect for high-end retail stores and luxury brands and leave a good impression on the viewer

Style 4

(Rigid Setup Window Tie Boxes)

These Rigid Setup Window Tie Boxes are very strong for the packaging of ties and provide excellent strength to the ties. The window on top of them is very helpful to see the ties inside them. This packaging is for retail stores and customers so that they can see the product inside the box without opening it. They have a rigid setup inside which shows the strength of the box. A strong cardboard is used in the manufacturing of these boxes. These boxes are available in different sizes and colours. various graphics and logos can also be printed on the lids. These boxes are exemplary in strength and beauty. These packaging can also be used as gifts. These boxes are great for those brands looking for sturdy packaging,

Custom Window Tie Packaging Boxes

When a tie manufacturer needs to pack his product in beautiful packaging, he will need our window tie boxes. Our boxes are very helpful in attracting customers. Window Tie Packaging Boxes can be used not only for ties but also for socks and other small clothes. These boxes are very attractive for the customer because of their strength and they can store their items in them for a long time.

Choose our above-tie packaging for different packaging from many companies in the world. After the final design by you, we will manufacture your desired boxes.

We send you photos of your desired design, along with dimensions and specifications via WhatsApp. You tell us how you want it, and we will set to work on making it happen.

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