Custom Eye Shadow Boxes

The beauty of the eyes depends on the colour, and finish of the eye shadow. The customized eye shadow boxes add glamour and elegance to the packaging of the favourite makeup item and soothe the eye makeup experience.

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Our Custom Eye Shadow Boxes Are Available In These Latest Styles

Styles 1

(Printed Bleach Card Eye Shadow Boxes)

Packaging boxes consisting of “bleach card,” a glossy, white cardboard, are referred to as “printed bleach card eye shadow boxes.” These boxes are made especially for displaying and keeping eye makeup goods. The word “printed” implies that the product name, ingredients, logo, or other visuals are among the details, branding, or designs that are printed on the boxes. Techniques including offset printing, digital printing, and screen printing may be used throughout the printing process.

Because bleach card material is strong, long-lasting, and heat- and moisture-resistant, it is a good choice for eye shadow boxes. The smooth surface further adds a polished and tidy appearance that draws attention to the eye shadow items within. The boxes can have different dimensions and forms based on the type of eye makeup product they are intended to hold.

Styles 2

(Innovative Printed Eye Shadow Boxes)

Creative printed eye makeup boxes are essential for drawing attention and piquing consumer interest in the cosmetics industry. These boxes serve as canvases for creativity and company identification, going beyond simple packing. They want to enthral with both sight and touch, from unusual sizes and forms that pop off the shelves to the detailed, luxurious feel of embossed or debossed motifs. This is true whether they are made of eco-friendly materials to demonstrate a dedication to sustainability or through QR codes and augmented reality experiences.

Styles 3

(Reverse Tuck Window Eye Shadow Boxes)

“Reverse Tuck Window Eye Shadow Boxes” are packing boxes with a window cutout on the front that are made especially for eye shadow goods. They have a reverse tuck closure technique. The box closure mechanism known as a “reverse tuck” is one in which the top flap tucks into the bottom flap as the flaps fold in opposing directions. Customers can easily access and remove the product from the box with this type of closure, which also ensures a snug and secure fit for the product within.

Usually constructed of clear plastic, the “window” cutout on the front of the box lets buyers view the eye shadow product inside without needing to open it. This is advantageous since it lets buyers see the product before they buy it, which can boost sales and lower returns of merchandise. The majority of reverse tuck window eye shadow boxes are composed of durable, lightweight, and reasonably priced materials like cardboard or paperboard that also protect the contents within. Additionally, they could be printed with artwork, product details, or branding to draw attention from customers and improve the packaging’s aesthetic appeal.

Styles 4

(Mailer Eye Shadow Boxes)

Packaging boxes made especially to be mailed to consumers are referred to as “Mailer Eye Shadow Boxes”. Usually constructed from durable materials like corrugated cardboard, these boxes shield the eye shadow product within from damage during handling and transportation. Mailer eye makeup boxes are usually designed with an adhesive closure or a self-locking mechanism that keeps the box closed tightly while in transit. This keeps the goods safe from harm and ensures that they arrive looking polished and safe. It also helps to prevent product loss or damage.

In order to advertise the eye shadow product and increase brand identification, mailer eye makeup boxes may also be printed with branding or product information. In order to give the eye shadow product greater protection while shipment, the design may additionally include extra features like inside padding or dividers. For eye shadow manufacturers who want to ship their products to customers while maintaining their presentation and safety during travel, mailer eye makeup boxes offer a practical and affordable packaging option.

Our Boxes are Built Using the Finest Quality Material

We never skimp on the quality of the components we utilise to create our gorgeous makeup boxes. We take care to use only the highest calibre paper stock. Cusom Eyeshadow boxes are typically made of solid packing material, cardboard, or Kraft. Light cardboard is the most often used and convenient type of paper stock. Additionally, there is the environmentally beneficial Kraft paper substance, which has excellent flexibility and resistance to tearing. Cusom rigid boxes are also well-liked for organising eyeshadow palettes into circles or any other design.

Why We Are the Perfect Choice for You

It is usually preferable to check for top-notch makeup packaging makers when purchasing eyeshadow boxes. One of the most respectable businesses in the UK, Custom Packaging Boxes is well-known for producing and offering its clients premium packaging options. Your brand’s recognition in the cosmetics industry will undoubtedly rise thanks to our premium eyeshadow box packaging wholesale, which will also boost sales!

The best and only method to select the design you want is to have custom boxes made. We will use WhatsApp to email you the image and box design. After that, in order to create the unique box designs, we can collaborate with you on your pixel image.

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