Window Die Cut Boxes

Die cut boxes offer a unique and charming way of displaying products. Custom-made boxes are a breeze to create as well as affordable compared to other types of packaging material such as e-covers or paper inserts.


Our Window Die Cut Boxes Are Available In These Latest Styles

Styles 1

(Bleach Card Window Die Cut Boxes)

Businesses that manufacture food items need beautiful packaging boxes to package their food. Our Bleach Card Window Die Cut Boxes are a great option. These boxes are made from bleached card, which is a paper board that has undergone a bleaching process to turn it white.

During the manufacture of these boxes, a window is made in the top lid or on the side of the box which shows the product from the outside and the customer does not have to open the packaging. Customers like this type of packaging very much as it is an artistic touch that not only enhances the beauty of the boxes but also provides a convenient look inside. Our boxes are manufactured using a die-cut tool. The process of cutting the paper board into your desired design and shape is called die cutting. During the die-cutting process, a window is cut and then sealed with a transparent PVC or PET sheet inside, making it a very beautiful and safe packaging. So, it is a very beautiful and safe packaging.

Styles 2

(Brown Kraft Window Die Cut Boxes)

Brown kraft window die-cut boxes are strong and secure packaging that protects your products from damage during shipping. They are made from kraft paper with a window die-cut on one or more sides of the box. which is closed with PET or PVC film. It is a facility that allows the customer to see and select the items inside the box. Brown Craft Window Die Cut Boxes can choose different food items and cosmetic items in addition to different gifts such as cakes, cupcakes, etc. You can pack them in boxes and they can also be made in different sizes and designs. These enhance the beauty of your product.

Styles 3

(Five Panel Hanger Window Die Cut Boxes)

Five Panel Hanger Window Die Cut Boxes is a packaging made from cardboard or paperboard with a window die cut on the front side and a hanger tab on the top side. Hanger tabs allow these boxes to be hung on the wall and help display your products in retail stores. These boxes have a front panel, two side panels, a back panel and a bottom panel.

The die-cut window on the front side is covered with a plastic film which makes the box a secure packaging and helps to display your product without opening the packaging to the customer. Without opening the packaging, the customer can decide whether to buy the product. These boxes are generally used to purchase snacks, candies, small toys or various items. An additional feature of these boxes is a hanger tab making them ideal. And helps to attract the attention of the buyers. The printing and branding of these boxes can be customized.

Styles 4

(Mailer Kraft Window Die Cut Boxes)

Mailer kraft window die-cut boxes are manufactured from strong kraft material, they also have a die-cut window which we can design as per our customer’s requirement. These boxes are perfect for shipping products from one place to another. You can pack small gifts, documents, electrical accessories, promotional items, etc. The kraft paper these boxes are made of is very durable and strong. Therefore, The Mailer Kraft Window Die Cut Boxes provide excellent protection to the contents inside the box. The die-cut window on top of these boxes can be made in various designs. This window is covered with a clear film. This window allows the recipient to see the contents without having to open the box. The box’s self-locking design eliminates the need for tape or glue to the box and ensures product protection during travel. The kraft paper makes these boxes eco-friendly, making them a popular choice for a variety of businesses.

Custom Window Die Cut Boxes

Window die-cut boxes are custom-made to protect and transport your product in the best way. In these boxes, you can keep your unique and delicate items safe and help to deliver them safely to your clients. Our professional team will fully assist you in preparing the packaging of your products. Box size, shape and design can be customized as per your requirements. Custom Packaging Boxes‘ best effort is to provide you with the best packaging for the competition in the market, this is a very attractive packaging.

You can get these boxes customized and as per your product packaging requirements. Because only a producer knows that he needs some kind of packaging for his items, you can best guide our team on the style, shape, material, and size. And we will prepare the packaging according to your wishes and deliver it to you.

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