Bowl Sleeve Boxes

Bowl sleeves are used for packaging as well as focusing on the market. The narrative is to focus the targeted audience on your product. 


Custom Bowl Sleeve Boxes

Bowl sleeve boxes are used to protect your products when they are not in use. They can also be used to enhance brand popularity. With custom made bowl sleeves, you can get the best packaging solutions for your brand. There are a wide variety of sizes and types to choose from, depending on your business needs. We offer custom printing services so you can get the most impressive design possible at an affordable price! 

Made Up Of Flaps 

The bowl sleeves are made up of flaps. 4 flaps are present. We have one flap on each side which means that you’re going to have a total of 6 flaps on them. The purpose of these sleeves is to protect your merchandise for a longer time. Each sleeve helps in keeping the product safe for a longer time and increases the durability of your product. 

A Number Of Customization Options 

There is a range of customization options to make your logo stand out. Our team will work hard to bring the perfect product on time. Our customized packaging is easy to care for and can keep your products fresh. We have an excellent range of bowl sleeves to suit your product. These are made from Kraft brown card, SBS bleach and corrugated cardboard material and are great for sealing in tamper-proof. Each bowl sleeve can be tailored in colour and size. These are generally used on a per order basis. They are mainly used to protect the product from germs, dust and damage caused by airborne agents. Our Seal end Packaging Boxes are also the best boxes.

CPB Is Leader In Packaging Business 

We are the best in the industry for providing the best packaging solutions. We have been a leader in our field because of our commitment to customer satisfaction and offering complete customization service. Our packaging specialists can also process any type of colour or design you ask for, provided it’s within our creativity template limit. 

Bowl Sleeve Boxes Have Multiple Benefits About Protection Of Your Product 

Bowl Sleeve Boxes are used to protect products against external sources. It has multiple benefits as it helps to increase product durability, protects them against moisture and dust, and also saves your products from damage. Bowl Sleeves are available in various shapes and sizes to serve the different needs of the target audience. 

Our Experienced Packaging Specialists Are Ready To Help You 

We have a team of well-trained and experienced packaging specialists, who work in collaboration with their clients. We are ready to address any type of your requirement, however, if you want to get the best outcome, then feel free to contact us by filling in the details given in the form.