Corrugated Shipping Boxes

There are a lot of different types of boxes you can use while shipping your products, but corrugated and flimsy are two terms that get used interchangeably in the industry. In reality, though, corrugated is quite unique from flimsy and is actually much stronger than most people think.


Custom Corrugated Shipping Boxes

A corrugated box is so much more than just cardboard. Corrugated material is manufactured from recycled paper fibres, which are stacked and bonded together using multiple steel wires. The manufacturing process results in an incredibly strong and durable product that is perfect for shipping products. And since shipping firms often use corrugated boxes for larger shipments and heavy items like rugs, you can rest assured knowing that your products will arrive safe and sound.

Your Desire For Durability, Strength and Flexibility Of Packaging Fulfill At CPB

Our corrugated shipping boxes are available in countless configurations, all of which are fully customizable. Every box is cut to your specific needs so your products fit perfectly; they are perfect for use as an unboxing experience or for keeping your fragile items protected during transit. The customers of CPB love the durability, strength and flexibility of our boxes since they can be recycled after delivery.

Custom Sizes And Specifications

Our corrugated shipping boxes are designed with your products in mind. With a variety of sizes and specifications, you can easily create the perfect box for their needs. Whether it’s small or large, we have the perfect option for it all. Our packaging comes in many forms to meet every need, including customized labelling and graphics.

Success Of Your Business Is Easy With CPB

The right shipping boxes are critical to the success of your business. Through our careful research and development, we’ve designed a box to suit the needs of most businesses. We offer eight different styles with these options: strength and thickness, size, corrugated material and more. The ultimate guide to Custom Shipping Boxes will walk you through selecting the perfect box for your needs.

If you’re confused with all this terminology, you’re not alone. But if you need shipping boxes that are drop-proof and airline friendly, corrugated is the way to go. Corrugation is an industry standard when it comes to protecting items from countries, which don’t always offer the highest quality of packaging for their shopper base.

Corrugated shipping boxes can be used for things like shipping cardboard and books, but they’re most commonly found in the shipping industry. These boxes are made from corrugated cardboard and have ridges that help to keep the package or product in its container securely. You often see these used for shipping wine bottles or breakable products, such as food items.