Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Our Corrugated Shipping Boxes are ideal for any use, transport, storage, or relocation. We also have different sizes of cardboard boxes and disposable containers. We have listed our boxes by size and shape. So if you need a dice box or a large long box, this is a quick way to find it. We have the most popular swap bodies, separated from the side cargo boxes so that you can easily find the crate in the style you want.


Custom Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Corrugated Shipping Boxes remain the number one choice for the safe delivery of products to your customers. Shipping boxes come in all shapes and sizes, with different wall thicknesses and sizes. Our corrugated cardboard boxes are shipped and stored flat or on a shelf and are easy to assemble when needed. They are ideal for maximizing shelf space while keeping your inventory tidy. Each box we sell meets the UK. packaging industry standards and has an individual UPC seal for quality and durability.