Mailer Boxes

Mailer Boxes Non glued trays, Easy to assemble with double side panels lock from the bottom. Mostly used for bakery items and can also work with garment products. Most innovative design in trays family.


Custom Mailer Boxes

Custom Mailing boxes: More than anything else, mailing and shipping boxes need to be strong… and that’s what you get when you get them from Custom Packaging Boxes. We carry a huge variety of shipping boxes and containers, including specific sizes for DVDs, books, and other hard-to-pack items. As with everything we sell at Custom Packaging Boxes, we stand behind our custom mailing boxes with a money-back guarantee, a price-match policy, and some of the best consumer service in the business. We’re a family company, with over 7 years in the business of retail, food, and industrial packaging items. That all translates to low prices, really fast shipping, and excellent client experience for you!

Mailing Tubes

There’s only one way to ship maps, posters, documents, and other papers that cannot be folded, and that’s with a mailing tube. Spiral wound chipboard is stiff and durable enough to hold up during shipping (we also carry triangular and square poster-size shipping boxes), and our mailing tubes double as storage for your documents and posters