Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are a great choice for your product. They can be customized to compliment or enhance the product inside them, and it saves you time and money because they’re inexpensive to print! You can turn any of your products into unique pillow boxes since they are so customizable.


Custom Pillow Boxes

Are you looking to boost the curiosity of your target audience with creative, innovative and captivating designs and prints for pillow boxes that would grab people’s attention? Or do you want to create a simple yet elegant custom pillow box packaging that compliments your products’ designs? We at CPB can help you think outside the box with our expertise in bringing high-quality custom pillow boxes that come in diverse shapes and sizes. Our experts are ready to assist in curating the perfect design for your custom pillow boxes, which will create an impact on onlookers. You can also ask them about trends, their own artistic mindset and strategies for coming up with unique design options that match your product portfolio.

We Apply PVC Windows On These Boxes

Custom Packaging Boxes’ die cutters are well-trained to apply PVC windows on a cardboard box with cutting accuracy. Our die cutters use their experience and technical expertise to customize a window on custom pillow boxes using the latest technology of digital printing and acrylic coating. We can provide competitive prices for bulk orders as well as customized initiatives for all our customers at every stage of the sales lifecycle.

Create Right Choice Pillow Boxes with Custom Packaging Boxes

CPB can offer you many different custom options to make sure your product packaging needs are met. We certainly provide our customers with the best pillow boxes for their needs, whether it’s for keychains, rings and pendants, or any other small products. Give us a call if you need a pillow box made to exact specifications, or provide us with the dimensions of your product packaging and let us take care of business.

We Offer Different Sizes

We specialize in custom pillow box manufacturing. Whether you need a smaller, medium or large size pillow box, we have the capabilities to meet your needs. Our pillow boxes are made of high quality materials and offer efficient protection for your small products.

Pillow boxes (also known as pillow pouches) are lightweight, durable, and economical packaging used for shipping products such as home decor items, gift items and luxury products. These boxes make great advertising tools because they allow you to associate your brand’s logo with a premium product.

Free And Timely Shipping

We at Custom Packaging Boxes offer quick, accurate, and insured services to our customers. We recommend you to call us at +44 2032901117 or email address sales@custompackagingboxes.co.uk for further questions related to your orders, as we process orders made within 6 -8 working days. You can track shipments through the courier account details which we will send to your email address.