Disk Folder Boxes

Custom Disc folder box is a perfect promotional product as it not only enhances your brand image but also makes an impact on the minds of your customers. We at our company are keen to help you create any disc folder design that you want, we do not charge extra for any design modification while with us!


Custom Disk Folder Boxes

Custom disc folder boxes are the cost-effective, customizable and efficient way to package your discs. These custom disc folders have a pre-glued formula, which makes them a safe way to pack and protect the CDs or DVDs in your customization. The double panel has one side notched from the edge and a straight tuck end on one side, which makes it easy to load and fetch out the discs. Economical in nature, these folders promote your brand at its maximum by providing quick accessibility to your items without affecting their quality.

Packaging For Protection Plus Promotion

Our Contemporary Disc Folder is a perfect solution for any business. It is not only used as a packaging solution but also serves as a promotional tool to promote the brand in the market. We offer custom designs and graphics to be imprinted on these folders. This can greatly impact your customers and boost your brand recognition in the market.

If you want to store your valuable assets safe and eliminate the risk of accidental damage, then a custom CD/DVD box is your best choice. It will not only protect them from external damages but also keep them scratch-less.

Eco-Friendly Durable Boxes

Customized CD/DVD storage boxes are great for a variety of uses. You can create the perfect custom designed paper box with just the right amount of room. Our customizable full flat cardboard boxes come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, so you can get whatever is needed when it comes to keeping your items safe and secure. We have other materials that can be used to make custom-printed paper CD/DVD boxes including eco-friendly durable boxes, too.

We at Custom Packaging Boxes are providing a wide range of CD/DVD boxes, Flat-pack ecommerce boxes and retail packaging as well as other storage solutions. In order to keep our clients involved with us, we have opted for customised packaging solutions and discs, with which we have been able to create an impression on our customers who trust us. We provide free shipment that will reach anywhere in UK safely by sea, air or by train. To provide quality to our customers at its best is our top priority and we have been provided so far and have received a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Customer Support And Free Shipping

For all your CD and DVD media production requirements, we offer a wide range of manufacturing services from packaging to printing and many more. Our warehouse is well stocked with cutters, folders and boxes to suit any disc storage needs you may have for the specific storage format. In addition to this, we also help you create attractive sleeves for your products with our embossing, spot gloss, foiling etc. All you need to do is discuss your requirements with our customer support team. Our customer support team is always ready to help you out whenever you need it!