Disk Folder Boxes

We at Custom Packaging Boxes, bring you to get unique Disc Folder Boxes that can be made and printed as per your specifications within 8 to 10 business days. You can have these unique custom Disk Folder Boxes at wholesale prices and hot sale deal.


Custom Disk Folder Boxes

Disc Folder Boxes: Huge ranges of custom Disk Folder Boxes are present at the store of Custom Packaging Boxes from which the clients can choose the needed products. It is assumed that the company is dealing in various different packaging solutions targeting different industry domains & delivering adequate quality to each one of them. In these businesses, an important name is the disc making and software-based corporations who are delivering their services in the form of CDs and DVDs which are the disc drives utilized for the computers.

Also known as the CD folder or easily disc sleeve, this is the best and most favored packaging solution for compact disc retailers as well as common viewers. A disc folder is, in fact, an excellent choice for keeping your discs free from scratches and for creating sure that they are utilized for a longer time period. It is usually made out of a cover cardstock however choices are open all the time for you to choose your wanted cardstock out of cardboard stock, recyclable stock, and several more.

Apart from the common production die-cutting and printing procedure, you also want to give your disc folder some beauty and touch of elegance. For this, you should make sure that you use our unique features including embossing, spot gloss, foiling, glossy/matte lamination, and much more. Our customer support and sales organization are at your service round the clock so do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest!