Double Wall Tray Boxes

Strong double wall trays are the best solution to secure your product from damage and make sure it arrives in perfect condition. Made with high quality material and folded at the right place, this box can be easily assembled without damaging the product inside.


Double Wall Tray Boxes

We at Custom Packaging Boxes are focused to provide our customers with an exceptional experience in every aspect of the packaging process. We have carefully planned a course of action that provides you best possible facilities while creating custom-made boxes. Here, we get your specific requirements and make sure everything matches to meet your requirements.

Best Packaging Company In Uk

Custom Packaging Boxes is a leading manufacturer of double wall tray boxes and we use excellent materials to deliver you the best possible tray box. Our Custom Packaging Boxes are used by many of the leading companies in the market. Our manufacturing facility is a well-equipped industrial unit which is recognized as the best choice to make custom double wall tray boxes by reliable, trustworthy and professional packaging suppliers in the UK. Once you complete with us your order, we ensure that your boxes are delivered at the expected time and in good condition.

Obtain Top-notch Boxes In Finest Material:

Double wall tray box is an ideal solution for packaging products with fragile and breakable items. This ensures the proper protection of the product from physical damage and ensures that it reaches your customers undamaged. The box is produced exactly to your preference, thus the utilization of quality material is assured. Create your custom box with two layers of protection, each side designed with a different material.

Gain Superb Quality Boxes:

We have designed every double wall tray box, ensuring the product inside is protected from damage during storage and transportation. Our methodologies of custom manufacturing allow us to utilize the right thickness of material ensuring folds and creases are added at the right place that adds further strength to the structure of the box, thus ensuring superior protection for your product.

Experience Fastest Turnaround time:

Receive your double wall tray boxes at your doorstep within 7-10 business days. All you have to do is supply us with your design and we take care of the rest. We have a well-established production chain, with all stages in close proximity ensuring timely delivery and smooth handling of your order. We provide all possible support to our customers to help them with what they need. Free design support and free on-time delivery of stamps and plates are key features that set us apart from CPB. Our production team is very punctual and can meet any deadline. They always deliver on time.