Long Boxes

We are proud to present our all exclusive range of Long Boxes. These boxes come in almost all shapes, sizes and colours. The excellent printability, weather resistance and rich colour palette make them suitable for any branding purpose.


Custom Long Boxes

Sending delicate items or larger items in long cardboard boxes has never been easier or more secure. Our long cardboard boxes are made from corrugated fluting and are therefore very robust, so you can rest assured that your envelopes, prints, frames and rugs will arrive safely. Alternatively, our single-wall long cardboard box is a great option for everyday delivery of small quantities of fragile items like collections.

Our State-of-the-art Color And Printing Technologies

Custom Boxes is a name that everyone trusts in the packaging industry because we offer endless possibilities to our customers. We use state-of-the-art CYMK colour and printing technologies to provide supreme quality printing on the boxes you are looking for. Choose a box from our extensive range of products, and if you don’t find a sought-after product – then our expert designers will manufacture a box meeting your specifications at an affordable price. Our dedication and commitment make everything possible.

Long Boxes Are Designed To Fit Perfectly

Our custom mailer boxes are designed to fit perfectly with your products. We provide superior finishing options, so you can make your boxes outshine the competition and stand out from your competitors.

We are serving thousands of businesses in the UK, USA, and Australia therefore and most importantly have provided uniquely designed custom boxes for their specific products. With our superior finishing options, So we can make your boxes outshine the competitor’s boxes.

100% Eco-friendly And Recyclable Materials

CPB offers a complete packaging solution from custom-designed long boxes to well-constructed pallet boxes. We manufacture the boxes using 100% eco-friendly and recyclable materials as we are staunch supporters of the green movement. With over four years of experience, we have developed our name as one of the trustworthy and dependable packaging service providers, for instance, which are preferred by various leading brands.