Paper Prism Boxes

We supply tree shaped boxes that can be used for the encapsulation of food, beverage, cosmetics and other products.


Custom Paper Prism Boxes

Prism Shaped Custom Boxes offer customers high-end, custom packaging solutions. These boxes are designed to hold and display your products, making them more appealing. Our quality goes beyond just construction. We take our quality to the next level by offering differentiating features such as foiling, glossy lacquers, foil stamping, surface finishes and more. With a wide variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, you can choose the best box for your product!

Prism shape boxes are lightweight and durable, while they have a large size to accommodate diverse sizes of products. They have three panels that are joined with adhesive tape with an attached tuck in the lid on both ends, used for the fancy packaging of multiple products.

Our Professional Team Is Wellknown For All New Designs

Paper prism boxes are used for the packaging of multiple products. Our company can design prism-shaped boxes with different heights and widths according to customers’ requirements. We also have a professional production team including digital printing, coating and bonding.

We provide our customers with a variety of Prism-shaped boxes to match their product range. Our prisms come in various grades and rigid or inflexible materials. For example, our boxes are available in Rigid, Flexible, and Flexible Foam-Lite grades. At CPB, we offer a wide range of box sizes and designs, with two different surface finishes. We can also print our Tuck End Gable Bags with any artwork design you want, with the option to include a custom text font in your order. Our custom boxes come in numerous varieties that are fit for any occasion and look great on any shelf, counter or table.

Our High-quality Material Will Help To Jump off Your Products

Our products are made from high-quality material. Handheld boxes are manufactured using high-grade paper and printed using cutting-edge technology. Our boxes are securely packaged in bubble wrap, padded cardboard and sealed with a label seal to keep your product safe during transit. We do not compromise on the quality of customizations at all and your high-end Paper Prism Box packaging will make your products jump off the shelves boosting your business in the process as well.

Our durable boxes are designed to withstand the rigours of the production line, but if you have a design that is not available on our website please contact us.