Paper Prism Boxes

The Paper Prism Boxes at CPB is your one-stop-shop for the highest quality features in all kinds of packaging products and yet cheapest wholesale prices at the same time making our offerings some of the highest value for money in the market. We aim to build solid long-lasting business relationships with our clients and our free add-ons on wholesale orders including free shipping, free printing plates, and free-cutting die equipment provides satisfaction with high quality and improved profit margins.


Custom Paper Prism Boxes

The custom three-side panel Prism Shaped Box packaging from The CPB is one of our fanciest options perfect for products from different industries including pharmaceutical, electric appliances, toys, and fancy shaped decorative items. Made beautiful with a wide range of customization options and from high-end durable longest-lasting materials, these are available in different grades of materials inflexible or rigid options. Various surface finishes and unique printed designs with a variety of options are also available and you can avail our cheapest wholesale prices along with free delivery, free cutting die, and free printing plate equipment as well on large bulk orders.

CPB makes sure to use high-end well-processed materials that are die-cut into precise shapes and sizes producing very snug and close-fitting for your products adding to their safety and security all that much. Our superior quality attractive customizations also include unique material choices, different printing options perfect for branding and advertisement, and unique look and feel surface finishes. We do not compromise on the quality of customizations at all and your high-end Prism Shaped Box packaging will make your products jump off the shelves boosting your business in the process as well.