Cake Packaging Boxes

We have a wide variety of cake boxes which come in different sizes and colours. Our packaging is perfect for catering, bakeries and cafes as the boxes can also be ordered with food-safe cardboard.


Cake Packaging Boxes Are Available Here In New Styles

Styles 1

(Cake Box With PVC)

A cake box with a Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) window that is specially created and customised to meet particular specifications is referred to as a bespoke cake box with PVC. The PVC window, which is made of clear plastic, lets the consumer view the cake without having to open the box. Bakeries, confectioneries, and individuals who wish to present their cakes in an eye-catching manner while maintaining their freshness and protection throughout transit frequently utilise this kind of cake box. Based on the tastes and requirements of the customer, a variety of sizes, styles, and patterns may be created for the personalised cake box made of PVC.

Styles 2

(Pastry Packaging Boxes)

Pastry packaging boxes are boxes made especially for storing and packaging pastries. Depending on the pastry being preserved, they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and are constructed from a variety of materials including cardboard or paper. The pastries are intended to remain fresh, safe, and aesthetically pleasing within the boxes. cake packaging boxes may be personalised with various patterns, emblems, and hues to improve the pastry shop’s visual appeal and identity.  Cake Packaging Boxes are a necessary part of the pastry company since they keep the pastries fresher longer and increase their visual appeal to consumers.

Styles 3

(Tray And Sleeve Cake Boxes)

Cake boxes with a tray and a sleeve are a kind of packaging that is divided into two distinct sections. The cake is held in place by a rectangular tray with a flat bottom, and the sleeve is a covering that glides over the tray to shield and showcase the cake. To make it simple to reach the cake, the sleeve is open at the top. Bakeries, cafés, and restaurants frequently utilise these cardboard or paperboard cake boxes for packaging and delivering cakes. They may be personalised with unique graphics and logos and come in a variety of sizes to fit different cake sizes.

Cakes that need more protection during storage and transit, such as tiered cakes, work well in tray and sleeve cake boxes. Customers may take the cakes home and serve them straight from the box.

Together, you and our team will design a box that best reflects your business identity. We can assist in creating a bespoke box tailored to your business’s requirements if you’re searching for something special or uncommon. In addition to cupcake boxes, we also have expertise with clear cupcake boxes and cupcake boxes.

Styles 4

(Cake Box With Handle)

One style of cake packaging that has a handle for convenient transporting is the cake box. Usually constructed of cardboard or paperboard, the box’s purpose is to shield the cake from harm while it is being transported. The consumer may easily hold the cake thanks to the handle, which is often made of the same material as the box and is firmly affixed to the top of the box. Cake boxes with handles are frequently used to package and transport cakes to patrons in bakeries, pastry shops, and dining establishments. To improve the visual appeal and branding of the bakery or pastry store, they may be customised with branding and logos and come in a variety of sizes and styles.

For clients who wish to carry their cake home or to another place, cake boxes with handles are a handy and useful choice.

We use premium materials to ensure that our Cake Box With Handle packaging lasts for many years. Our packing is made to be as safe and effective as possible during the shipping process, suitable for both short-term usage and long-term storage. We also give extra features like tamper-evident seals and provide bulk purchases at discounted prices so you can receive high-quality items delivered on time each month without any wait.

Custom Cake Packaging Boxes

Cake packing boxes, cupcake boxes, macaroons, and cake pops are available here. Because they are constructed of food-safe cardboard, they are ideal for cake and confectionery stores. Select from a variety of sizes and 21 distinct hues! We at Custom Packaging Boxes are pleased to provide our clients with an extensive assortment of cake packaging options via WhatsApp.

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