Restaurant Take Away Boxes

The Custom Packaging Boxes Platform is the most effective way to display your products. All types of packaging available to meet the needs of your business venture. If you are searching for the best Take-Out Boxes in the industry, you’ve come to the right place!


Styles Of Our Restaurant Take-Away Boxes

Styles 1

(Simple Takeaway Boxes)

Simple takeaway boxes are an important part of the restaurant business for take-out options. The design of these boxes is very practical and durable for keeping the food safe and secure during shipping. These are very simple boxes and due to their simplicity, they are very easy to assemble and store food.

Custom Food boxes are the best option that are convenient and cost-effective packaging solutions for food supplier businesses. As these are simple boxes, they come in a range of sizes and styles for the packaging of different types of foods in different portions, for keeping the food fresh for a long time. If you have a fast food restaurant the simple takeaway boxes are very important for you.

Styles 2

(Versatile Takeaway Boxes)

For running a restaurant at the peak level you should have the smart choice of packaging the food. The packaging attracts customers more than every other thing. The Versatile Takeaway Boxes by custom packaging boxes are the best option and a smart choice for you.

When you have to pack a different range of food like sandwiches, salads and hot meals these boxes are with different compartments and lids. In these boxes, you can keep fresh your food and safe during transportation.

Restaurant Take Away Boxes, offers a cost-effective packaging solution for all types of restaurants which will take your delivery game to the next level. We use kraft material which is ideal for food packaging.  Takeaway Boxes are made of composite material which is recyclable and eco-friendly and restaurants are looking to reduce the environmental impact, for them, it’s a  good choice to select these takeaway boxes.

Styles 3

(Locked Takeaway Boxes With Handles For Liquids)

Locked Takeaway Boxes With Handles For Liquids are specially made for those restaurants which have to deliver liquid dishes like soups, sauces and other liquid-based dishes. The locking mechanism of these boxes makes these liquid dishes more secure during transportation and prevents them from leaking. These boxes have a handle on the top of the box which makes these liquid items safe during transport when they are filled with hot liquids. when these boxes are locked, these make more security for the food inside and minimise the risk of falls or accidents. These boxes come in a range of styles and sizes with different portions. These boxes with windows are best for those restaurants who are worried about supplying liquid base dishes when they have to transport them from one place to another.

Styles 4

( Open Takeaway Boxes For Liquids)

Open takeaway boxes for liquids are also very convenient packaging for the business of liquid dishes like sauces, soups, drinks, coffee, etc. The open top of boxes make it very easy to handle the content inside. Especially for those items which need much care. These are made of cardboard with corrugation, which makes them durable and will hold the inside items with more grip to reduce the chance of an accident or fall of the liquid.

These are made of durable material to stand the rigours of transportation. These are also very cost-effective packaging solutions and are available in all sizes. The eco-friendly material is also its plus point.

Custom Restaurant Take-Away Boxes

Restaurant take-away boxes are a very easy way to promote your brand while offering delivery options. The customisation options are about logo, colours and printing. It’s a powerful marketing tool that will help you build your brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Custom take away boxes are made for your restaurant’s needs. These boxes have different compartments for different types of foods. With different portion sizes, we make sure that the food will stay fresh for a long time during the transit. Its convenient and practical solution for your customers.

Contact us for such versatile and reasonable Take Out Boxes and also enjoy free shipping and design support. We are a reputed manufacturer of customized boxes. Our team is well capable of fulfilling your requirements regarding designing the desired boxes. We will help you by providing pictures of the selected design with customizations for you via Whatsapp.

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