Accessories Window Boxes

We use custom packaging for window boxes and other accessories. The packages are well designed and manufactured using durable cardboard and Kraft paper along with good quality supporting material used for folding, assembling, glueing, and stapling.


We Are Specialist In All Styles

We have the best customizable window box accessories including top, tray, end and insert box. In this section, you’ll find various window boxes to match your individual needs.

Style 1

(Kraft Reverse Tuck Windows Accessories Boxes)

Our “Kraft Reverse Tuck Window Accessories Boxes” are well known in the retail industry for packaging small items such as cosmetics, small electronic items, etc. The window on the top helps to display the items inside. These boxes are made from kraft material which is very strong and eco-friendly. Made from recycled kraft paper. The design of this box is reverse tuck. These boxes are made from kraft material which is very strong and eco-friendly. Due to the design, this box is safe packaging in one. The windows at the top are made of transparent plastic which helps to see the product inside. Small items are fitted so that these items are not damaged while moving in the box during transportation, the packaging of these tips is made beautiful to attract customers, thus increasing the sales of the brand.

Style 2

(Sleeve And Tray Accessories Window Boxes)

If you need packaging for your small products like jewellery, cosmetics, mobile accessories, small kitchen items etc then sleeve and tray accessories window boxes are perfect. These boxes are composed of two components, the sleeve and the tray are constructed in such a way that they fit the product perfectly so that there is no damage to the product during shipping, the upper sleeve is made of paper board which slides over the tray. This completes the packaging. These boxes can be transported by placing them on top of each other. In addition, a window is installed inside it, which is also a source of interest for the customer. It also makes it easier for him to make a decision to buy the product.

Apart from the windows, these boxes have other features such as your brand and various decorative features can be added on top of the boxes as well as customized printing and embossing etc. Providing strong and secure packaging that is also attractive.

Style 3

(Mailer PVC Accessories Window Boxes)

These Mailer PVC Accessories Window Boxes are specially designed for shipping your products and are made from durable paperboard and cardboard to protect your product during transportation. It is a transparent plastic that is placed on top of the windows on the boxes. These windows keep the product inside the boxes safe and visible from the outside, allowing the consumer to see what is inside the box without opening the box. Help to see the items Accessory windows in these boxes allow the product to be displayed beautifully and also help to keep the product safe during shipping. These PVC windows are very durable to protect the product from scratches and cracks.

Style 4

(Top Bottom Lid Accessories Window Boxes)

Our Top Bottom Lid Accessories Window Boxes are very elegant packaging for packaging and protection of various products. The packaging consists of two parts, a top lid and a bottom tray to secure the product inside. Which provides a secure closure to the product inside.

Generally, such boxes are very common in the market but we also attach windows to these boxes which makes these boxes popular among users due to their unique features. These windows make it easy for customers to see what’s inside without opening the box. Our boxes are mostly used for food packaging and also for smaller items. Apart from this, various additional features can also be added to the boxes such as handles, dividers, etc., which further enhance the functionality of the boxes.

High-Quality Accessories Window Boxes

At Custom Packaging Boxes we offer you the best in quality window boxes for accessories. Our Accessories Window Boxes are very beneficial for customers as they provide different facilities to the customers and the strength of these window boxes is very beneficial for their product. Apart from this, the windows on these boxes make the safety of the product clear. These boxes are used to pack various items such as belts, skirts, watches and jewellery. The beauty of these boxes adds attractiveness to these items. These boxes are provided in various sizes and shapes. They can also be customized according to the needs of the business.

Need custom boxes? If you trust our packaging and need a high-quality box, then WhatsApp is the right place to contact us. We send photos of your desired design and then create them after your confirmation.

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