Foundation Boxes

Creating a foundation box is quite easy and above all, you can get it custom-made. So just be assured that your Foundation Boxes will stand out among the rest.


Foundation Boxes Are Available Here In New Styles

Styles 1

(Bleach Card Reverse Tuck Foundation Boxes)

Foundation boxes with bleach card reverse tucks are a common packaging option for cosmetic companies. The premium, lightweight bleach card used to make these boxes offers the goods stability and protection. The reverse tuck design makes it very easy for users to open and close these boxes and they love it. Usually featuring a clean, simple appearance, the foundation boxes have product details and the brand’s emblem printed on the outside. The brand’s products can be effectively showcased and made to stand out on store shelves using this kind of packaging. Bleach card reverse tuck foundation boxes are a sustainable option for businesses trying to lessen their environmental impact because they are recyclable and eco-friendly.

Styles 2

(Kraft Reverse Tuck Foundation Boxes)

Reverse-tuck Kraft foundation boxes are a common packaging option for cosmetic firms that prioritise sustainability and the environment. The premium, robust Kraft paperboard used in the construction of these boxes gives them a genuine, organic appearance and feel. Typically, the foundation boxes have a simple design with the brand’s emblem and product details printed on the outside. Kraft reverse tuck foundation boxes are an affordable and environmentally responsible packaging choice because they are entirely recyclable and comprised of renewable resources. Additionally, because the boxes are lightweight, shipping expenses and the environmental footprint of transportation are decreased. Kraft paperboard is also quite adaptable, so cosmetic companies may build distinctive and striking packaging that embodies their beliefs and brand image.

Styles 3

(Printed BleachCard Foundation Boxes)

Cosmetic firms may effectively display their products on retail shelves by using Printed BleachCard Foundation Boxes. The premium, long-lasting bleach card material used to make these boxes gives the protection and longevity of the good.  Making the brand stand out in the market and set it apart from the competition is accomplished with this kind of packaging. Because printed BleachCard Foundation Boxes are available in a variety of sizes and forms, they can be used with a range of cosmetic items. These boxes are recyclable and eco-friendly as well. For cosmetic brands, printed bleach card foundation boxes provide a stylish, affordable, and environmentally friendly packaging option.

Styles 4

(Kraft Window Foundation Boxes)

Cosmetic firms that want to display their products while also making sure they are safe in transit often use kraft window foundation boxes as their packaging option. Superior Kraft paperboard, used in the construction of these boxes, offers outstanding strength and durability. These boxes, which have a transparent window that allows buyers to see the contents without opening the package, are a great option for items where the consumer can test the item before purchasing. Your brand logo, product data and custom images can be printed on these boxes. The window is made of transparent plastic which adds to the beauty of the box. Because the boxes are easily recyclable and composed of renewable resources, they are also sustainable and eco-friendly. Furthermore, Kraft window foundation boxes are reasonably priced and lightweight, which lowers the carbon impact and shipping expenses related to transportation.

Custom Foundation Boxes

A foundation box is a great way to add elegance and sophistication to your items. You are sure to discover the ideal alternative for you and your brand among our extensive selection. Without having to close down our full-service print shop, we can even do personalised touch-ups while on the go. A reputable business, Custom Packaging Boxes, can give you the best boxes possible for the necessary price.

Custom Packaging Boxes is a professional firm that can offer you the best quality of boxes that are required to package and safeguard your foundation jars or bottles. We intend to work with more manufacturers of cosmetics.

Many consumers don’t want to deal with the effort of making their own packaging and choosing a typeface that best suits their brand. We have the best remedy, though, which is WhatsApp. Together, we create a box that is economical, simple, and accurately represents your company. All it takes is a sample picture and we can help craft your perfect design!

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