Auto Bottom Tray Boxes

We at Custom Packaging Boxes, bring you customers to get unique Auto Bottom Tray Boxes that can be made and printed as per your specifications within 8 to 10 business days. You can have these unique boxes at wholesale prices and hot sale deals.



Custom Auto Bottom Tray Boxes:

Auto Bottom Tray Boxes, cardboard boxes with bottom trays that fold flat for easy loading, are ideal for delivering products by road, rail or sea and also have been used in the warehousing domain. These multi-purpose carton boxes are made using the highest quality materials and have a wide range of sizes offered by the CPB for different types of products. These folding boxes are manufactured using high quality corrugated papers to ensure uniformity, strength and longer life.

Multiple Design & Packaging Solutions For Boxes:

Our folding boxes are designed to be lightweight and compact, while still offering an easy way to pack your products. Some examples take in tuck end, roll end, and snap lock closure. We make all our boxes to suit your needs so you can focus on the details that matter at the end of the day. As a custom packaging company, we help you in getting the most alluring designs on these printed Seal End Auto Bottom Boxes. You can get any kind of design or colour combinations you need to have on these boxes to help distinguish your brand and to stand out amongst other brands. We also offer open ended tray boxes for our customers.

Eco-friendly Packaging Auto Bottom Tray Boxes:

As a leading manufacturer of packaging boxes, we understand the importance of offering viable and sustainable packaging products to our customers. Our Kraft, cardboard, and recycled board products are all made from recycled goods, ensuring that your carbon footprint is significantly reduced. In the spirit of keeping the environment clean, we at Custom Packaging Boxes offer competitive pricing for all of our boxes, stock items, and custom product solutions. With our high-quality practices and low-cost solutions, you can trust that our cardboard and Reverse Tuck Boxes will not only help to sustain the planet but also help you to grow your business.

Perfection Of Design & Printing  Of Box:

Should you need to customize your packaging options, CPB is here. Our customized cardboard boxes can be made in various shapes and sizes. Your designs will be imprinted on our items and also submitted through a process that ensures precision. We offer several choices such as light and sturdy gloss finish, vibrant designs or mate finish which give the exact look and feel of your products. Our clients can get their customized boxes right away once they place an order with us, so there’s no waiting!

Get Eco-Friendly Shipping & Cost:

Custom Auto Bottom Tray Packaging Boxes are the best way to present your products in perfect condition. Our packages are made from top-quality materials and professionally designed to fit all of your needs. You will get the best choice for your business, so call us at+442032901117, we are always ready for our client’s help and assistance.