Full Flat Double Try Boxes

At Custom Packaging Boxes, we offer our customers the Custom Full Flat Double Try Boxes option whereby customers can select the perfect container sizes for their products. The customization also allows the customer to change the design/shape of the box as needed.


Custom Full Flat Double Try Boxes

The full double tray is a unique and creative way to present your products. It will give an attractive appeal and appearance to the packed products. This box has two separate sides. It offers complete protection from all sides, making it a great choice for storing valuable or delicate items. Our customers choose this style of packaging for their larger volumes and a wide variety of products because it allows us to print them in any colour or font, including decals or graphics on the sidewalls/lift panels as well as on the base tray.

Innovative And Captivating

The Full Flat Double Try Boxes. It is not just a traditional style of boxes that we offer. This full flat double tray is truly innovative and captivating. These boxes are shaped in a way that makes them easy to pack and open the boxes easily. The feel of these boxes is different from any other packaging material in the market today. The full flat double tray has more protection in comparison to other packaging solutions available today.

Stunning Customization  Options Of Full Flat Double Tray Boxes

CPB is a well-known company that offers high-quality packaging solutions. We are offering a wide range of products that can be customized to meet customer requirements. Our products are widely used in various industries like pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Our Rigid Paper Box, Box With Magnetic Lid, and Pillow Style Packaging Boxes are our top products.

Full Flat Double Try Boxes are perfect for organizing office and home items, packing food, clothing, toys, etc. Each of these awesome boxes is made of very thick cardboard that ensures safety and order. As a multipurpose packaging solution, they can also be used to store things such as toiletries, homework and teamwork materials.

One Can Use These Boxes For Different Purposes

This double-box packaging is ideal for multiple items that vary in type, shape and size. Various sizes and options are available for customization to fit your needs. This non-glued package is sent to customers during shipping and maintaining its flat shape makes loading easier and faster while still maintaining the strength of the package during transport. Returning the package to its original shape is a simple task that anyone can easily do.

Double-walled cardboard packaging offers maximum stability. The double compartment ensures rigidity and ensures that the product will not break during transportation or during retail use. The creative design of the double-walled package makes it perfect for various packaging formats such as product display, grocery products and more.