Magnetic Closure Gift Box

We offer free packaging and shipping for the Magnetic Closure Gift Box. If you want a single custom mail container, feel free to ask us for a quote. We also offer an integrated EPE edge/shape protector. This protector serves so that your personalized magnetic boxes arrive in perfect condition.

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Custom Magnetic Closure Gift Box

Magnetically sealed boxes add extreme convenience to any type of packaging. Magnetic Boxes open and close with one quick movement, giving your product a very elegant look. The first part of this simple but amazing idea is to use a cardboard or hardwood gift box with a magnetic closure. The second part is to insert two flat magnetic plates inside the front box divider. As you move the flap to close the box, the magnets come together and close the top securely.

What are magnetic lockboxes? | And what are these boxes for in the bespoke luxury packaging industry?

These boxes are more commonly known as magnetic closure flip boxes with a magnetic latch. We only use premium heavyweight rigid paper coated with premium paper to make these boxes.

Luxury Brands Use Magnetic Closure Boxes

These Magnetic Closure Gift Boxes are as luxurious as the products of many luxury brands. They are perfect for sending promotional and decorative gift boxes with magnetic closure to both clients and loyal customers. The Custom Magnetic Closure Flap Box gives the luxury brand an edge over its competition as it is the new age packaging solution. The luxury product needs luxury packaging. Thus, most luxury brands opt for Magnetic Boxes. It is very satisfying to see the magnets come together to close the box.

These boxes imply that the inner product is expensive and exclusive. As these boxes are expensive and high-end, brands use them to package their most expensive product.

Jewelry Boxes With Magnetic Closure

Delicate and expensive jewelry needs a luxurious case that does justice to its beauty. Magnetic boxes are very suitable for this type of packaging because they look great and they also feel expensive. Whether you choose to display your jewelry or put it away, these boxes are ideal for both. These custom rigid boxes with magnetic closure lids are the best choice to protect your jewelry from dust and damage.

At Custom Packaging Boxes, we manufacture the best custom jewelry boxes. Here we use the highest quality solid and rigid clasps and magnetic clasps.

Manufacture of Luxury Custom Gift Boxes and Magnetic Closure Material

The design and structure of Custom Packaging Boxes Magnetic Closure Gift Boxes are unique and high-end. All Magnetic Boxes are designed with a solid gray panel. The magnetic lid box is unique and innovative with a custom box with magnetic closure. A magnetic closure gift box is enough to seal all retail and gift items. Businesses that need to make a good impression on their customers regularly choose a magnetic box.

How The Magnetic Gift Box Is Useful

There is no denying that printing is the cornerstone of attractive packaging. In particular, our Personalized Magnetic Boxes are made even more attractive with an elegant print. If you are looking for such luxurious and consistent packaging, don’t worry because Custom Packaging Boxes take care of it all. Choose your custom design and you’re done.

Using a Custom Rigid Magnetic Packing Box gives you ample space to add more personalization. There are no clips or captures, just a simple box ready to customize. This is what the flexible packaging looks like in flesh and blood. Customized Magnetic Gift Boxes take conventional rigid materials to a new level.

Custom Magnetic Rigid Boxes with Inserts

Rigid Magnetic Boxes with Inserts are practical. These padded inserts are great for keeping your delicate items safe. They also prevent the product from moving and causing unnecessary damage.

We suggest form and silk inserts in Rigid Cardboard Magnetic Gift Boxes covered with smooth surface paper in the designs. All inserts are 100% recyclable and durable. Reuse them and use them again and again and reduce your carbon footprint. If it weren’t for silk, you can always choose cardboard as a cost-effective alternative.

Custom Magnetic Box with Window

Magnetic Boxes with clear windows are a great advantage. Since they allow customers to clearly see what’s inside, there will be no room for mistakes. It also keeps the box packaging intact, as the customer can see the product through the transparent window.

A clear PVC window is an ideal method of displaying your product indoors. This type of packaging is ideal for the customer to see the product without opening the box.

Rigid Black and White Magnetic Closure Boxes

Except for standard Kraft paper, there are matte white and matte black paper or Kraft paper that can be covered with Custom Cardboard Packing Boxes to create a black and white magnetic box. The hot spot and UV progress logos such as gold foil and black foil are exceptional. They add a touch of luxury to your custom packaging.