Hexagon Boxes

CPB comes with unique and stylish Hexagon Boxes. This CPB is one of the ideal choices that want to make their products jump off the racks at retail stores. The hexagon packaging is most commonly used for cosmetics products and gift items however it may be utilized for any packaging need as per requirements. The box features the same dimensions on all six shades. It is manufactured in a way that you may fold it flat for easy transit when not in use.


Custom Hexagon Boxes

Hexagon Boxes are ideal for one-size-fits-all and less common products. The large functional space of these custom cartons meets the packaging needs of many types of products, including cosmetics, personalized gifts, packaged foods, and most other retail items, and CPB cartons are guaranteed to ensure quality. More beautiful and eye-catching printing and more reliable, durable, and protective materials for your personalized products.

We offer the lowest wholesale prices and attractive wholesale deals, including fast free UK shipping. No additional costs for printing plates or cutting tools. Our custom Hexagon Boxes are made with very precise stencil dimensions, resulting in more precision in surface design and size.

CPB manufactures our Hexagon Boxes, which are delivered unassembled, which is the easiest way to fully shape them if needed. The hex boxes we supply, like the popular push-fit boxes, have unique cut patterns: the bottom is seamless and one-piece, and the valves at the top allow for easy closure. This allows for very easy storage and delivery, many of which can be delivered in packages that can be shaped as needed.