Hexagon Boxes

CPB offers a range of hexagonal boxes for packing custom gifts. These hexagon boxes can be customized with different types of laminations and other stock options to suit your needs perfectly.


Custom Hexagon Boxes

Hexagon is a very creative shape, little wonder why we have a thing called ‘Hexagon Boxes’- A box with six sides which comes in different shapes, sizes, and even colours.

These boxes are perfect for your bakery decorating needs. All of our Hexagon Rectangle boxes are fully customizable, giving you the product in exactly the shape you want! They are a great way to display and highlight your products in a beautiful and unique way.

Express Your Personality In A Unique Way

Hexagon Boxes allow you to express your personality in a unique way and attract attention from your target audience. Custom printed boxes are made up of four square bottom pieces, each of these squares is divided into six different sections. These sections are then shaped into the hexagon shape so that they fit perfectly in each other and hold the box together when folded. These boxes can be used for packaging a variety of items and are an effective form of marketing your company or product.

Hexagon Boxes give you creativity in your packaging. Provided they are creatively designed, they can be used to display different products in a visually pleasing and appealing way. These boxes can be used to display dishes, kitchenware, food items and many more things that fall under the food category.

CPB’s hexagon box is known for its excellent design, which is suitable for gifting. The boxes we manufacture are designed in different designs and sizes, like the standard size of the ones we use for butter or other products, or even custom made ones. Our Promotional boxes will also help you with all packaging solutions.

A hexagonal box is a perfect fit for our cosmetic boxes. It’s the most popular size and hence, is our first choice. You can get custom made boxes in various sizes and styles. If you are looking for something that stands out there are many ways to go about it.

Present Your Products in Style with Custom Hexagon Boxes

Custom hexagon boxes are a unique and eye-catching way to showcase your product, merchandise or brand. Our custom printed packaging is made with the highest quality materials and ensures that your message and logo are always shown in full colour. Choose from several styles and sizes of boxes – each design is available in cardboard, wood, aluminium and metal.

We create these boxes with various materials like Kraft, Cardboard and paperboard and use high quality hard content to ensure delivery of these wholesale boxes in an excellent condition to the retailer. These boxes are used to pack and ship products which have varying shapes, sizes and weights. It’s a conventional material used in the packaging industry.