Top Bottom Lid Boxes

When choosing a box for your products, it would be wise to consider the target audience and any messages you want to convey. Through the colours and details printed on the top and bottom boxes, businesses can easily convey their messages to customers.


Custom Top Bottom Lid Boxes

What is a top and bottom box?

We produce high quality boxes that meet any specific condition requirements. The boxing model is especially popular among the series of promotional products, such as gifts and information containers, as well as food packaging. This box is a packaging model with a separate lid and base that has more than one use. The box can be used to store small items, such as jewelry, handkerchiefs, cosmetics and other personal accessories.

General Characteristics Of Our lid And Bottom Boxes

Top Bottom Lid Boxes, a premium paper based products, provide reusability as household storage and high durability as shipping packaging. They have an easy-to-open and close design. Customers can see all products, giving them a good experience when opening the box. All Top Bottom Lid Boxes are made from recycled paper and come with environmentally friendly ribbons to protect lid. Our Rigid Paper boxes are also used for these purpose.

Top Bottom Lid Boxes are paper boxes that feature a removable lid for easier access to the contents inside. These box tops are made from cardboard paper and require some minor care. The box can be used for storing important documents or other items you want to keep safe and protected, as well as being ideal for shipping precious items such as jewelry or electronics.

Advantages Of Choosing The Top And Bottom Box

  • Durable, Beautiful, Easyly Useable

A surface-printed paper lid and base are made of chipboard paper. Therefore, the box can withstand a large amount of weight and is difficult to deform.

During transportation and storage, this box model is resistant to damage because of its durability and good bearing capacity.

Top and bottom boxes are also popular because they are easy to use. When using the product, users can easily put the lid on and take it off because the base and lid are separate.

  • Affordable cost

The Top Bottom Lid Boxes exhibit a diverse range of characteristics. The top and bottom boxes are often used to store premium products such as wine, watches, jewelry, etc. Phones, health care products, appearel boxes etc.

  • Lid Effective For Branding

Our Top Bottom Lid Boxes can be used a lot of different ways. Featuring multiple colors and casual designs, they are perfect for business purposes, such as advertising or selling products.