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Style 1

(Small Cardboard Box With Sleeve)

A small cardboard box with a sleeve is a very efficient packaging for small products. There is also a sleeve on top of these boxes, it can also be designed with a window inside which not only adds to its beauty but also makes it easy to see the product inside. They are manufactured during the sleeve die-cut process which provides greater protection to the product inside. The packaging is very attractive.
In addition to food items, jewellery, cosmetics, and electronics can be packed in these boxes. The small cardboard boxes with a sleeve are very light in weight and are also very easy to assemble. This is elegant packaging for e-commerce businesses that are very confident in keeping their products safe during shipping. It is an advantageous choice and has excellent style and practical packaging. Not only do they serve your shipping purposes, but they also add appeal to your product.=

Style 2

(Postal Small Cardboard Box)

Our special postal small cardboard boxes help you when you want to send something to someone. Basically, they can be considered as small containers used to mail your gifts or papers etc. It is a reasonable size that keeps your items very safe while transporting. Made of cardboard, these mailing boxes are very strong enough to carry whatever products you want inside them and deliver them safely to your desired location. They are also available in different sizes. You can use these sizes depending on your product packaging. You can select the boxes that fit your goods.
When you want to send your products to another place, you can easily pack your hem in these postal small cardboard boxes and send them. Custom Small Cardboard Box is a very convenient and cost-effective way to safely transport your products to the desired destination.=

Style 3

(Small Mailer Box)

To ship your small and lightweight products we have developed these special small mailer boxes which are a compact packaging solution and made from durable materials like corrugated cardboard. Being made of corrugated cardboard, they protect your items from shocks and bumps during transport. They are a very popular choice for e-commerce businesses.
When you use these small mailer boxes to ship your products to your customers, your customers will be completely satisfied. These Small Cardboard Boxes are designed to ensure that your items fit snugly inside the boxes during shipping and can be easily moved from one place to another. These boxes are specially designed to reduce your shipping costs and ensure greater safety. Different types of products can be packed in these boxes like electronics, books, jewellery etc. =

Style 4

(Small Shipping Carton)

Our small shipping cartons are designed to safely transport your small and delicate products from one place to another during shipping. Being made of corrugated cardboard, these cartons are strong and protect your products by easily withstanding the rigours of transportation. It is a good choice for businesses that have small products and are looking for secure packaging to ship those products to their customers.
Small Shipping Cartons are also available in different sizes and can be customized with up branding and messaging. Small Shipping Cartons can be a great option to increase your business and brand recognition. Overall, this shipping partner is a very effective packager that practically helps you grow your business.=

Custom Small Cardboard Boxes Printing Services

Custom small cardboard boxes are designed in various shapes and sizes as per your requirements, besides meeting your packaging needs, they also protect your items.
Contact us on WhatsApp for customization regarding the size of your required boxes.
If you have your own ready-made design or any design-wise idea, you can contact us via email or WhatsApp.

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