Square Cardboard Tray

Made from 100% recycled cardboard, this tray is ideal for fruit or gift baskets. It can also be used as a bread basket or for the window displays of food shops. This tray is great for use as a gift basket, whether it is cute gifts for a newborn baby, clothes or any other collection of small presents.

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Style 1

(BleachCard Cardboard Tray)

BleachCard cardboard tray is a unique and innovative product designed for packaging and displaying various items. Bleach Card Cardboard Tray is a different and innovative packaging designed for Asia that needs to be displayed in front of customers.

It is a great option for lightweight items that are used in food. These trays are used to store products like fruits, vegetables, and bakery items like patties, biscuits, etc. These trays are eco-friendly packaging, they are manufactured using materials that are not harmful to the food and also do not have any negative impact on the environment. It is a sturdy packaging tray that keeps your items stable and not prone to damage during shipping, making it a reliable and practical packaging.

Style 2

(Double Wall Kraft Cardboard Tray)

For items that require extra protection, Double Wall Kraft cardboard tray is a strong and secure packaging. It keeps your items safe during transportation. Using this packaging makes you tension-free. Crafted from quality kraft material, the double wall of the tray adds to its rigidity and strength and provides a good option for packing both delicate and heavy items. This tray is also easy to assemble.
The double wall design ensures that these boxes will stay safe and strong for a longer period and will not crack or damage your items during transit. Double Wall Kraft cardboard trays are also eco-friendly and can be easily recycled, making them perfect for your small items. This robust packaging is here for businesses that require eco-friendly packaging.

Style 3

(Hamper Handle Cardboard Tray)

Hamper Handle Cardboard Tray is an excellent packaging for transporting your products from one place to another and displaying them in the market. Manufactured from the best quality cardboard that is not only strong but also durable, these are perfect for displays in retail stores and supermarkets where they are needed.
These trays are good packaging for products like vegetables, fruits and bakery items. This tray is the packaging in which the product can be prominently displayed. The heavy items you make can stay in their best condition for much longer in these Hamper Handle Cardboard Tray. Since cardboard is made from kraft material, these trays are eco-friendly and recyclable. Therefore, it is a very reliable packaging.

Style 4

(E-flute Handle Cardboard Tray)

E-flute Handle Cardboard Tray is a unique and innovative packaging that provides you with packaging convenience as well as safety. They are manufactured from high-quality corrugated cardboard which is corrugated.
The e-co-regulation is unprecedented. It provides rigidity, durability and safety to your packaging. That is, our manufactured trays are designed with easy handles so that the goods contained in the e-flute handle cardboard trays can be easily supplied to stores, supermarkets or markets. And in the meantime, these trays are not damaged, because they are prepared with special care.

These are perfect for keeping your fruit and vegetable bakery items. You can be sure that it can support heavy objects without breaking or cracking. Being eco-friendly, these e-flute handle cardboard trays are recyclable and do not have any negative impact on the environment. They are the best choice for you in terms of durability. Overall, the E-Flute Handle Cardboard Tray is a reliable and practical packaging that keeps its users happy and satisfied and keeps them hassle-free.

Custom Square Cardboard Tray Packaging Printing

Custom square cardboard trays manufactured from a strong type of cardboard are special containers for packaging up products. Due to the square shape, they can accommodate a large number of items. Custom square cardboard trays are perfect for storing packaging items
These strong cardboard is extremely tough which not only keeps your packaging safe but also gives you peace of mind that custom square cardboard trays will protect your packaging products from damage during shipping. With different sizes and shapes, these can also be manufactured in different colours and designs that will not only keep your products safe but also look attractive.  these square cardboard trays are great for displaying small gifts like clothes or jewellery, and many individuals.

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