Gable Bags Auto Bottom

Gable Bags Auto Bottom

Gable bags are known to be popular boxes with diverse uses. They come in different shapes and sizes. The dies in the gable bag can be separated into two parts. Hence, it is often used in multiple industries such as food packaging, liquid & powder containers, electronic accessories and pharmaceuticals etc.


Custom Gable Bags Auto Bottom

The Gable Bags Auto Bottom is a merging box template of auto lock bottom and gable box. The two bottom closure panels enclose with the help of the two side closure flaps. They form an auto-lock at the base of stretching. Whereas the top tuck flap that is attached to the rear panel slips into the box tube and locks firmly. The front top tuck flap is usually a semi-circle that makes the bags easier to carry and stylish.

This gable bag auto bottom is designed for products that need to be tuck-ended. Unlike other types of tuck ends, this closure has two top and bottom flaps that lock together to form an auto-lock at the base. This makes it possible to carry the bag without folding it at the bottom. It is also a great feature that one can purchase from our store.

Transportation Of The Product Becomes Easy Using These Boxes

It is most widely used as an auto bottom box and has a smooth surface which reduces friction and provides strength to the bottom. Also Gable Bags Bottom is suitable for use in tough environments where transportation is difficult or impossible. The design of this product allows it to stand up on its own when necessary, thus eliminating the need for support or additional equipment.

Variance of Gable Bag Auto Bottom:

CPB is a professional manufacturer, specializing in the production of auto bottom bags and accessories. Our products are characterized by high quality, functional design, easy access and suitable for various objects.

Main Purpose of Gable Bag Auto Bottom:

The Gable Box auto bottom is a left and right handed bag for temporary or permanent collections. The most suitable uses of these boxes are

  • These boxes are constructed from the best cardboard material and are ideal for storing publications, artefacts, and special collections.
  • Gable Boxes can also be used as enclosures for exhibitions or displays.

Additional Die-lines At Both Sides

Gable Bags Auto Bottom are available in various sizes. They are used to carry a variety of products such as bags, clothes, and boxes. Such boxes have additional die-lines on both sides. It increases the flexibility and accessibility of the gable boxes. Due to these die-lines, they could be in a flat shape. The volume of such bags is adjustable according to the product.