Open Ended Tray Boxes

Open Ended Tray Boxes This packaging is great for fast food outlets, take-away outlets, canteens, cinemas, leisure centers, and bakeries.  It is also ideal for catering and the event industry.  Custom print manufacture is available subject to the minimum order quantity, please contact us for details.


Custom Open-Ended Tray Boxes

The Open Ended Tray Boxes is part of the Hot Food to Go range.  It is available in different sizes and materials.  This tray can hold a sausage roll, baguette, panini, or hot dog. In addition to its natural and authentic product presentation, this tray is an ideal container for instant eating.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, this Kraft 9” Open-Ended Tray has a minimal environmental impact.  Firstly the Kraft paperboard is fully recyclable, secondly, it is commercially compostable in 16 weeks.  In short, this is a very CPB choice.