Paper Brief Case

We use Paper Brief Case from time to time. Paper boxes are everywhere, from storing food to collecting necessary documents. If you are a small grocer or your office seems a little disorganized, paper is all over the place, you need CPB covers. and the quality of the paint will improve the look of your desktop.


Custom Paper Brief Case

This innovative and modern stationery product is used by students and professionals all over the world. The Paper Brief Case can be made from a stock of your choice from our large range. However, most often these are premium cards. At CPB, we offer several features for your custom card cases, such as B. number of pockets, CD case, business card slot, and more.

In addition to the features listed above, you can also choose the number of sections you want to include in your portfolio to make document classification easier. The most common use of a Paper Brief Case or paper wallet these days is in a business marketing scenario where a marketer might include a business directory, business card, CD, pen, and everything in between. what the company is promoting. Additional functions are also offered such as embossing, laminating, UV smearing, laminating, etc. reasonably priced.