Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes

Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes

Our double wall tuck top boxes are unique and custom made for you. These boxes are great for food packaging and can be printed, moulded, and finished in various colours and styles. We have many double wall tuck top box designs that you can choose from to enhance your business reputation.


Custom Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes

Double wall tuck box is our most popular model. These boxes provide an extra layer of protection to a product packed inside, making these boxes an ideal choice for heavier items. Features that make these boxes the very first choice for every product’s packaging are easy assembling, effortless closing & unlocking, flat storage, efficient transit handling and many more. Instead of obtaining plain tuck boxes, you can personalize every inch of your tailor-made double wall tuck front box with us to make them truly one-of-a-kind.

Fine Quality Material For These Boxes Increases Attrection

Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes are designed with top quality materials and perfect technology, which is suitable for packing a wide range of food items. If you place these boxes in your store, customers will be able to see the freshness of your products. In addition, these custom boxes can effectively protect your products and the customer will love it!

Your Product Will Become More Attrective With These Packaging

Increase your brand’s exposure and sales with finished, customized top boxes. Customize the size, colour, and design to create personalized custom-designed double wall tuck top boxes that have a striking look with your product on display. Don’t forget to add additional features such as precisely cut windows to show off your proud offerings, partitions to place multiple items or die cut folds & creases for a time-saving assembly from scratch, and many more. After you approve these 3D mockups, insert your custom designs into our box builder and order your unique, customized boxes!

Best Personalized Boxes Prepared By CPB

Add a personal touch and enhance the look of your packaging by designing the custom-made double wall tuck top boxes. These fully lined display boxes can be used for food, cosmetic, or home décor products. They have a flip and tuck design to show off products in your store. The 2-piece construction allows you to assemble these boxes without any fasteners, which means no scratched surface or excess lining around finished product.

Made-to-order double wall tuck boxes are the ultimate way to present your most valued products. Whether for shipping or storage, these boxes help protect your goods from any damage during transit. Order yours today and have them delivered wherever you need them!

Perfect For Mailing High Value Items

Our packaging boxes are perfect for mailing high-value items. We use high-quality, double-wall construction to ensure your products won’t be damaged and provide a secure environment. If you need to ship these boxes right away, please contact us and we will get back to you within the same business day.