Four Corner Boxes

Place the inserts in the boxes so that the cream does not lean towards the lid. With the cardboard inserts, you can also store different flavours of cake in one box. The box can also be added with a handle on the top so that the cakes can be transported easily. A clear window spot on the top of square candy boxes can also boost sales of baked goods, as customers can see the cake, which increases the chances of selling. Not only that but also side locks on the Four Corner Boxes that protect the box and prevent the product from falling out of the box.


Custom Four Corner Boxes

Four Corner Boxes or other sweets are very difficult to move without damaging them. Even a small bump can ruin the pretty icing on the cake. What can be done to prevent this from happening? The solution to this problem is to use special casings specially designed for this purpose. There are four corner cake boxes. These boxes keep items cool and protect them from damage.

Custom Four Corner Boxes are only for the protection of cakes, muffins, and various baked goods. These boxes have integrated support that fits into the box to limit the movement of the product inside the box. And thus avoid damage. The box is specially designed so that it can be easily folded flat, making it more convenient to carry. These boxes will keep your products fresh. These boxes are very easy to assemble. There are also four corner boxes at the top of the window if you want to show off your cake designs.

When making a box, you have to be very careful, everything has to be accurate. Design is a challenge. That’s why our creative department works around the clock to offer our customers a unique product. The four corner boxes vary in shape and size depending on the baked goods. There are large boxes for cakes of different sizes and there are small boxes for storing muffins.