Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

We make double walls cardboard boxes by simply cutting open thin cardboards and glueing them together. The result is a strong, lightweight box that can be used for shipping all kinds of items.

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Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes: Strong double wall cardboard boxes – manufactured in-house and supplied direct.
At Custom Packaging Boxes, we’re not just box suppliers, we’re also box companies. That means we can assure high and reliable stock levels of top quality double wall cardboard boxes, available to purchase in both small and high quantities. And if you can’t find the box you want from the range, our bespoke boxes service is quick, cost-effective and made on years and years of experience at double wall cardboard boxes manufacturing.

Our double wall boxes are made from excellent twin-fluted corrugated cardboard & supplied to you flat and bundled in packs of 15 or 20 depending on size. Easy to store and collect, they are the ideal solution for packing and shipping both fragile and heavy things, thanks to the heavy-duty double wall material which gives strength and resistance to damage.
You’ll find the ideal box for your needs from our large range as the double wall boxes come in 25 different shapes and sizes.

You can have double wall tuck front boxes at your home. These are suitable for long storage duration as a result of their double wall structure. These ensure to maintain the vegetables and fruits fresh for a considerable time. We use first-grade raw material so that these boxes don’t harm the stored item. The boxes are made with perfection so that they will not break while carrying.