Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are great to package jewellery, lingerie, small gifts, and flavors. Our large pillow boxes are a perfect alternative to apparel boxes. With their unique shape and design, the box forms a pouch-like shape once folding down the curved sides of the box. We offer several colours including our e-flute design boxes and custom colour boxes for a small 500 box minimum. Add your logo to many of these boxes for a unique brand look. Pillow Boxes are constructed from paperboard with various thickness, folded over flat and glued.

These Pillow Boxes feature flaps on both sides of the box that bend inward to pop up the box in the form of a pillow shape. Sizes can range from small to large. Small pillow boxes are often used for jewellery gifts, lingerie, scarfs, candy, and flavors. Larger sizes of these boxes are used as an alternative box for apparel and retail items. Pillow boxes are made with and without a handle depending upon intended use. These boxes are rare but gaining in popularity with retail and gift vendors looking for an alternative or unique packaging for their stores and products. Produced by only a few Pakistan manufacturers, they are available in stock in white, natural Kraft, red, and black. However, they can be produced in a wide selection of custom colours for low minimum quantities. These boxes use Eco-friendly paperboard made from recycled post consumer materials and water based inks.

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