Personalized Pillow Boxes

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Custom Personalized Pillow Boxes

Personalized Pillow Boxes: Custom Packaging Boxes Pillow boxes are professionally printed utilising state-of-the-art printing technology delivering the vivid colour prints and clear legible texts. All personalized pillow boxes are fully personalised resulting in a different product which will be able to include all details such as wording, images and logos in order to reflect the philosophy behind your thing.

Pillow boxes – Wholesale and Retail use

All our Printed Personalized  Pillow Boxes are available in a range of sizes starting from the small 6cm box, ideal as a jewellery gift box, up to 19cm which could have a wider use as in packaging retail products, food products as well as personalised gifts. This high quality personalised gift packaging is highly strong and scratch resistant. Personalized Pillow boxes are delivered flat packed and glued, and are easily collected, also with a choice of gloss or matt finish.

As Custom Packaging Boxes puts a lot of emphasis on the Customer care service, in case clients have any questions regarding file preparation, such as bleed areas or colour advice our customs service team is available to answer all your questions from Monday to Friday from 8 am till 8 pm.

Gift boxes wholesale

All personalized Pillow boxes are easily ordered online where the quote is quickly available. As they are intended for wholesale plans, there is a minimum bulk order from 100 going up to 10,000.

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Custom Packaging Boxes has a wide range of packaging products, all of which could be custom printed in a full range of sizes and shapes. To give our clients the most personalised user experience, boxes could be accompanied by the personalized self-adhesive gift seals and gift cards.

Custom Personalized Pillow Boxes can be printed in many different sizes and shapes, including Custom Pillow Boxes, which could have a variety of uses, from large retail applications to small personalised shops or private parties, such as birthday parties, weddings or corporate events.

Some popular styles available for your custom pillow boxes include:

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