Five Panel Hanger Boxes

Give an outstanding impression to your clients with these customized five panel hanger packaging boxes. Our Five Panel Hanger Boxes are a perfect choice for packaging clothes or jewellery and can be customized in a diverse array of colours, sizes and styles.

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Custom Five Panel Hanger Boxes

The custom is a renowned producer of five panel hanger boxes. We have over 7 years of experience in producing packaging boxes of any kind and size, and we are always ready to deal with your packaging needs. Our printing services are unique, with the best printing technology at our disposal, we will deliver the best quality of your custom five panel hanger boxes. Displaying your products with attractive and quality packaging boxes will make your brand stand out.

You could be wondering why only a few companies offer such quality in their packaging boxes and why not all choose to do it. This is because, it requires an immense amount of time, cost and quality materials to provide you with the quality service that you deserve. However, our company believe in customer satisfaction and we know how important it is for your brand to get recognised. That is why we bring these types of packaging boxes for marketing your packaged products. We will be glad if you place an order today through call or email.

Free Design Support Five Panel Hanger Packaging Boxes

Free design support from us provides a customised selection of packaging boxes at no extra cost to you. Our vast selection of five panel hanger packaging boxes comes in a wide range of sizes, finishing and colours to give you many options to select the right packaging that best matches your company’s brand identity and business needs.

There are very few packaging solutions that can serve various purposes, but the custom five panel hanger tuck end product boxes from Custom Packaging Boxes can do just that. The design is based on the reverse tuck end style and features double-layered display panels. These extend from the panel located in the back and are ideal for small or lightweight products. The hanging feature is made possible with the punch holes that are present on both layers of the box and one of the reasons why the custom five panel hanger tuck end printed cardboard boxes are utilized as a point of buying displays.

We produce custom five panel hanger boxes with a die-cut tab that can accommodate a hanging option. These boxes are produced in both the auto and tuck end styles, so you can choose whether your product will be shown or hidden inside the package. The high quality of these boxes reflects in their durability and longevity. What’s more, we offer bulk discounts, so you can save even more money when purchasing large numbers of custom cardboard packaging boxes.