Printed Kraft Window Packaging Bags

Kraft Window Packaging Bags with Logo are available in different styles such as Custom Design, round oval window bags, and custom kraft packaging bag shapes. Our Printed Kraft Window Bags can be customized according to your specifications, additional printing options are also available.

Our Printed Kraft Window Packaging Bags Are Available In These Latest Styles

Styles 1

(Kraft Window Paper Block Bottom Bags)

Made from wood pulp, this kraft paper is very strong and durable. It is commonly used for packaging due to its strength as it can handle slightly heavier items than normal paper without tearing. These bags can also have a window made of polypropylene which is a plastic and food. Which is made of plastic and food-grade material, because if you want to put food items inside these bags, these windows prevent the food inside from getting harmful.

The bottom of these bags is of block type, due to which these bags are very easy to keep on the shelves. A folding technique is used to make these Kraft window paper blocks bottom bags which open when the bag is filled. The bags are designed in such a way that they can be easily stored even in a small amount of space. A re-openable zip lock is a very convenient feature on the top of these bags which allows these bags to be opened and closed multiple times so that the user can easily reuse the contents inside. Also, this ziplock can be very helpful for products that are sensitive to moisture or light.

Our kraft window paper blocks bottom bags are eco-friendly which greatly benefits both businesses and consumers alike for packaging different items and can be varied in size and design to meet different needs.

Styles 2

(Bakery Bag With Window)

Bakeries often need boxes as well as bags for food packaging, for which they prefer eco-friendly bags. Window bags are perfect for food packaging. Many cooking items are sold in these bags, especially pastries, bread, cookies, cakes, etc. We manufacture bakery bags with window very beautifully.

These bags are prepared with a window made of polypropylene, which makes it easy for the consumer to see the items inside the bag. These bags are produced in different sizes and designs. Various features can also be added in the manufacture of these Bakery Bag With Window such as a fold flap or a zip lock that allows them to be opened and closed more than once, which makes it convenient for your customers. And they prefer your product over other products. These bags can also be printed on top. Our various printing options will be helpful for you. These bags are very important in the bakery business. The customization option makes it very easy for you to promote and present the baked goods for your business and your customers love to use your products.

Styles 3

(Kraft Paper Bag With Clear Window)

Kraft paper bag with clear window, a very beautiful and impressive packaging which is a safe and beautiful cost-effective packaging for coffee, tea, nuts and dry products in general which not only displays your product but also helps you in increasing the demand for your product.

Kraft paper is made from wood pulp and is not harmful to food items at all. Therefore, these bags are specially packed with food items and consumers also feel happy with such packaging. A window is also installed on the top of these bags, which is very helpful to see your product inside. These bags are available in different sizes and designs with up-to-date printing. The bottom is made flat and the gussets are made on both sides so that when a product is placed inside the bag, it can fit inside the bag because the bag expands when filled, and its bottom design helps it stand upright. On top of Printed Kraft Window Packaging Bags, there is an extra feature called a zip lock that helps keep the contents inside the bag longer. This makes it easier to keep the contents inside these bags fresh for longer.

Styles 4

(Natural Kraft Cookie Bag PLA Window)

Natural Kraft Cookie Bag PLA Window is a great packaging used in the bakery industry for packaging and displaying baked goods including cookies, streus patties, etc. This bag is made from kraft paper. Which is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material, the window in these bags is made from poly-electric acid which is a plant-based plastic material. It is a safe packaging material that does not harm the cook case products inside and these windows give the customers the benefit of being able to see the contents of these bags clearly.

It is a safe packaging material that does not harm the products inside and these windows give the customers the benefit of having a clear view of the items inside these bags. These Natural Kraft Cookie Bag PLA Window are available in different designs and sizes. The products inside these packaging are protected from moisture and heat and stay fresh for longer. These bags are manufactured with a flat bottom which helps in keeping them stable. We also attach an additional feature on these bags which is a zip lock which makes it very easy for the user to open and close the bag. They also have the option of printing on them which makes it easy for you to present and promote your brand.

Printed Kraft Window Packaging Bags

Packaging boxes made by Custom Packaging Boxes prove to be very beneficial in various businesses. We specialize in the food business and help our clients develop customized printed packaging solutions. Our printed kraft window packaging bags are one of those packaging solutions.

Made from natural material kraft paper, these bags also feature a window inside, they are completely made from food-safe material, these bags can be printed with your brand’s logo or new designs separately which promote your brand presentation and promotion. Size and design can be changed as per your choice. The zip lock quality of these bags makes them safe and beautiful packaging. Our Printed Kraft Window Packaging Bags are very popular in the food industry.

For the purpose of customization, contact us on WhatsApp. We can do it! Just send us pictures of what you need and we will do the rest.

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