Presentation box, lifting lid

Many people use presentation boxes; to put some sweets, chocolates or small pieces of clothing inside and make them look more attractive. This is a very convenient way. I will try to describe it more clearly.

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Custom Presentation Box, Lifting Lid

  • What is this box like?
    This is a presentation box, with a lifting lid. It has two independent parts: a cube-shaped base and a lid. If you want to make up for your gift a small surprise, this Presentation box is suitable. The cube-shaped base and the lid are separately connected by a snap hinge, which makes it easy to assemble and decorate. When you lift the lid off, a magic scene of your adventure with your lover will appear in front of you, it is beautiful. This is a unique gift box.

What is this box for?

  • Its shape and fit make it a very elegant box, perfect for use as gift wrapping on any occasion. But we especially recommend it as a chocolate gift box or a presentation gift box for accessories and jewellery. A most elegant box to make your gifts stand out.

With its lifting lid, our cherry red presentation box is ideal for putting together small gifts, from sweets and chocolates to gifts for that special person. Alternatively, why not enjoy a bit of luxury yourself by picking out some small pieces of clothing to fit inside? It’s all about the little things – and this box is perfect for the job.