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Style 1

(Simple Corrugated Tray)

A simple corrugated tray is a type of packaging used to transport and deliver your products. Corrugated cardboard is used to manufacture it, which is sandwiched between two flat layers. Thus, these boxes come in a very sturdy form that makes them ideal for transporting your goods. These trays are manufactured in various shapes and sizes as per your product requirements and are customized. These Cardboard Trays Boxes made from cardboard can often be reused. Since these are made from cardboard material, they are also eco-friendly. It is an ideal packaging for businesses that want to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Because these simple corrugated trays are very strong for protecting and transporting goods they serve their purpose effectively.

Style 2

(Die cut Corrugation Tray)

Die-cut corrugated trays are special types of packaging that are custom-made to transport your products. These are manufactured by cutting from corrugated cardboard using die-cut machinery. They are customized according to the fit of your product. This is a one-handed technique for making various complex cuts. It fits the product securely. These are perfect for shipping various valuable products apart from your sensitive electronics.
It is also a great way to showcase your retail products. The die-cut wholesale Corrugation Tray packaging is carefully designed to protect your product from damage during transportation. Custom packaging is often more expensive to produce than other product packaging. In addition, these corrugated trays are manufactured from eco-friendly materials and are also cycle-friendly. These boxes are very attractive to businesses looking for cost-effective, eco-friendly and customizable packaging.

Style 3

(Simple Handle Corrugated Tray)

A simple Handle corrugated tray made from corrugated material is an elegant container packaging. This is a packaging that does not have a cover on top. These trays are commonly used to hold simple items and carry them for shipping. Generally they are used in bakeries where they pack various pastries patties etc. In English, various items are kept and covered with a shopping bag and these products are carried from one place to another.
They are generally used to pack lightweight items and are suitable packaging for items that are used daily. They can also be manufactured in different sizes and shapes. You can customize the items as per your requirements. Apart from retail items, they can also be used for packaging items that need to be organized. Simple Handle Corrugated Tray is a straightforward and efficient way to solve your daily problems. Being a durable material, it is sure to handle everyday items with ease.

Style 4

(Cardboard Produce Trays)

Sometimes we don’t find a better solution for transporting fruits and vegetables. So we need packaging that can best ship our fruits or vegetables from one place to another
For these, our special cardboard produce trees are developed using the same cardboard used for cereal boxes. These trays are typically used in grocery stores or markets for items that need to be kept neat. After use, these boxes are easy to handle as they are lightweight. It is strong enough for shipping fruits and vegetables. This packaging is perfect for items that you need to deliver fresh to your customers, such as vegetables or fruits. In these trays, you can arrange the fruits or vegetables in a neat arrangement and ship them beautifully and it is also easy for the customers to see and buy them. This means that it is easy for both the seller and the buyer. These trays ensure that your fruits and vegetables are delivered from the farm to your home with proper care, a unique packaging option in its own right.

Custom Cardboard Trays Box

A custom cardboard tray box is a container made from strong cardboard. These are designed to meet your specific needs. You can get them manufactured in different sizes and shapes as per your wish. Cardboard is a material that is strong enough to ship your items firmly. Hence Cardboard Trays Box is reliable. They are designed in different sizes and shapes so that you can keep your items in them with confidence.

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