Cardboard tray Packaging

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Custom Cardboard Tray Packaging

What is this box like?

  • The cardboard tray Packaging in the form of a tray can be acquired with or without accessories. If you want to use it for confectionaries you could acquire a holder to put the cupcakes on it. Also, you could buy it with a transparent covering (optional) to protect your products. This is a resistant box that does not need glue for its mounting and has 4 wheels that help move the products while they are being transported

What is this box for?

  • Custom Cardboard Tray Packaging makes cute packaging for your cakes and sweets. Besides, if you do not need the trays with holders, you can also use them as a decorative element. That’s right-decoration. Just wrap it up with some lovely paper so that it comes out beautifully and with your creativity decorate the plate in any way you like.

Cardboard Boxes Trays

Getting the right economical storage solution can be a challenge. Luckily, your search just got a little easier with Custom Packaging Boxes! We offer a selection of baskets, wood and cardboard trays and totes for storage selections at wholesale rates. Every one of our cardboard tray choices is strong, practical, and budget-friendly.

Easy to Use

Ready to go, beautiful and easy to set up, our storage boxes offer a sleek and stylish packaging solution! In comparison to our cardboard box trays that have self-locking sides, our store trays are already set up. This gives you the extra assurance that the store trays will stay together while giving a simple, yet effective storage and gift basket solution that can go mobile. The store box trays are also great for presenting products and using them in retail spaces as well.

Time is money and with our Custom Cardboard Tray Packaging, you save both. Great for in-store or mobile marketing, our cardboard box trays come in a variety of sizes and have easy locking side tabs so your products stay secure. Store trays are great for gift baskets, store displays, product packaging and more. Use them for all kinds of promotions like Back to School, corporate gifts, employee gatherings and more! Your custom imprint will stand out on an attention-grabbing bright yellow background with black etching. Plus, you’ll enjoy a quick turnaround time with no minimum order requirements.

Strong Containers for Extra Storage

Here at Custom Packaging Boxes, we offer a variety of stylish cardboard trays and cardboard totes to ensure that your supplies are organised. Select a large box to keep your work environment orderly and attractive. Or order a smaller box, such as a tube box or mailer, for safeguarding your precious items like books and jewellery. Whichever you select, you can be certain that your packaging box is sturdy and reliable.

Find the right storage solutions for your home or office at Custom Packaging Boxes!

Our sturdy, custom cardboard trays are more than just a simple storage device. Whether you need to store large binders when moving from one home to another or utilize them in your business for storing important files, these strong and reliable options are an excellent choice for you. These large cardboard storage trays are especially useful if you are not sure how much weight you will be storing inside of them. You will be able to rest assured that regardless of the amount of weight put inside, they will be durable enough to support the pressure. Moreover, they provide long-lasting durability, so they will never break before the time comes that.